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ORB Support/Resources

Award Leader Web User GuideStep by step instructions on how to use the website for Award Leaders
Award Leader App User GuideStep by step instructions on how to use the Award Leader app
Participant Web Registration GuideStep by step instructions for Participant registration
Participant Web User GuideStep by step instructions on how to use the website for Participants
Participants Finalising Assessment with Offline AssessorsStep by step instructions for finalising Sections with Assessors who are offline
Participant APP User GuideStep by step instructions on how to use the Participant app
NAA-SAOA-Web-user-guideGuide for Award Staff website


There are a number of basic demonstration videos for Award Leaders and Participants. Click on the following links to view:

Award LeaderAward Leader Learning Module
Register via Award Community (the home of the Award’s onlinelearning hub) to be able to access these videos. Instructions to register can be found here
Detailed, step by step guidance on how to use the Online Record Book as an Award Leader
Award Leader1. Award Leader view
2. Award Leader Phone App
3. Award Leader Registration
4. Award Leader reporting
Short demonstrations of the key elements of the Award Leader web
ParentsPayment Gateway A demonstration of how to pay online via the ORB registration process for Under 18’s
ParticipantsParticipant Learning Modules
1. More about the Online Record Book (ORB)
2. Register to start your Award
3. Forgot your password
4. Landing Page Overview
5. Edit Profile and Settings
6. Managing Sections and Activities
7. Setting up Multiple Activities per Section
8. Downloading your Award and Section summaries
9. Setting up your Adventurous Journey
Detailed, step by step guidance for Participants on how to use the Online Record Book web interface
ParticipantsParticipant Phone App A demonstration of the key processes in Participant phone app

There are additional short, more focused training videos for Award Leaders housed on the International Award Foundation’s Online Learning Hub. These provide training on each of the system’s key processes for Award Leaders (registrations, to do list, managing your unit, managing adventurous journeys, Award Leader app. To view these videos, you need to register to the Online Learning Hub (OLH). The registration validation process usually takes 24-48 hours. For security reasons, we are only able to accept registrations for current Award Leaders.


Release 2.3.0 – Notes for Award Leaders – Aug 2020Overview of fixes and improvements made to the Online Record Book in August 2020






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