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Funding assistance

We’re helping young people access funding to use the Award Framework

There are two types of funding support available:

  • For individuals and groups
  • For Specialised Award Centres

Our funding assistance is possible thanks to the generous support we receive from the Australian Federal Government, our Award Ambassadors, and our many other Supporters.

Individuals and Group Funding

Award Leaders can apply on behalf of individuals or groups experiencing hardship and requiring financial assistance to use the Award Framework. The funding seeks to partially or fully cover expenses, such as registration fees and other costs associated with completing an Award Level, depending on the situation of the applicant(s).

For individuals without an Award Centre or Award Leader, please contact your State or Territory Office to discuss how to register as a Participant.

Applications for individuals experiencing hardship are open all year round.

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“ The Duke of Ed program had generously granted the school funds to assist in the financial side of things. I WAS SO OVER THE MOON! And now having completed my Bronze Award, I can confidently express that this adventure was indeed a journey of a lifetime. It has helped me create meaningful friendships with my younger peers (which is outstanding as now I am school captain), it has pushed me outside my comfort zone and encouraged my newfound appreciation for hiking and exploring Australia.” – Sandy, Award Participant.

Specialised Award Centres

A Specialised Award Centre is a partner that can access our co-employment funding to subsidise the costs of delivering the Duke of Ed Award Framework in their school or organisation where there are groups of Participants experiencing financial hardship.

Our grants co-fund the cost of one or more employed Award Leaders up to a maximum of 60% of the application’s funding. Additionally, Specialised Award Centres can apply to partially or fully cover expenses, depending on the situation, to a maximum of 40% for between 20-100 Participants. The maximum amount per Participant is $1,000 and is capped at $100,000 depending on the number of Participant's for the total application.

Specialised Award Centre funding is limited and cannot be guaranteed. All applications will be considered, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. All successful applicants will be required to sign our Terms and Conditions.

Refer to Funding for Specialised Award Centres resource below.

Apply Now    Funding Guidelines

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Next steps...

Once you have submitted your application it will be reviewed by the National Award Office. Applications take approximately two weeks to process.

If you have any questions please contact your State or Territory Office.