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Become a Duke 4Sport Partner and together we can enhance the lives of young Australians

Over 30,000 young Australians commenced their Duke of Ed this year. Every one of them must participate in physical activity, volunteering and learn a new skill. This is where you can be involved!

Whether you’re a local sports club, State Sporting Organisation (SSO) or National Sporting Organisation (NSO), becoming a Duke 4Sport Partner can make a big difference to the development of young Australians by helping them complete the Physical Recreation, Skills and Voluntary Service Sections of the Duke of Ed.  

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Did you know...  

  • Between the ages of 13 to 17 years a significant number of young people stop playing organised sport*

  • Long-term sport participation positively impacts academic outcomes!**

    • Lower odds of being absent from school

    • Better performance on attention and working memory

    • Higher numeracy and literacy scores

    • Higher end of school academic performance

    • Higher odds of studying at university


*Research by the Australian Sports Commission **2023 study by the University of Sydney

This is where the Duke 4Sport Partnership can help you retain and attract young people from 14 years of age.






Why become a Duke 4Sport Partner?

  • Reach a group of young people 14-24 years who participate in physical recreation, skill and voluntary service annually
  • Attract new players
  • Retain existing players
  • Attract volunteers to help with your club
  • Be recognised in the community for your commitment to development of young people and social impact
  • Inspire young Australians to improve their physical and mental well-being, foster teamwork, build resilience, and develop leadership skills

There is no financial cost to become a Duke 4Sport Partner.

Get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete the online application (allow 2 minutes) here.
  2. A Duke of Ed team member will be in contact with you with information on next steps.
  3. Start engaging Duke of Ed Participants in your sport!  

Together we are helping young Australians find their purpose, passion and place in the world.

Young person playing tennis
Being a Duke 4Sport Partner has helped us retain junior volunteers as they have continued on volunteering. It has also been of assistance for rostering. Alanna Field - Darwin Sailing Club, NT

Who can become a Duke 4Sport Partner? 

Any sporting organisation in Australia can partner with the Duke of Ed.

While Duke 4Sport partner organisations offer valuable support to Duke of Ed Participants working towards achieving their Award, your partnership with Duke 4Sport is likely to attract new members to your organisation, as well as improve member retention at that critical age when young people may stop participating in sport.

Your support as a Duke 4Sport Partner will also enable the Duke of Ed to offer a range of engaging and inclusive programs that cater to diverse sporting needs and interests.

No cost partnership 

Our Duke 4Sport partnerships are designed to increase our engagement with young people.

While partnering with Duke 4Sport means your organisation will make a meaningful contribution to the personal and physical development of young members, the partnership will deliver value to your sports organisation by being recognised in the community for your commitment to youth development and social impact. 

  • Darwin Sailing Club

    Being a Duke 4Sport Partner has helped us retain junior volunteers as they have continued in volunteering. It has also inspired them to gain accreditations and skills specific to sailing which has also been of assistance for rostering.


    The standard of our instructors has increased as they are keen to gain more skills all the time. The engagement of the volunteer instructors has been great as there is more than one reason they are giving up their time.


    If you’re thinking about becoming a Duke 4Sport Partner, give it a go, there is nothing to lose! You don’t administer the course and you gain skilled volunteers along the way. The only administration is confirming the students have completed what they said they would, usually an email or survey confirmation.


    Alanna Field, Darwin Sailing Club

  • Swimming W.A

    Swimming WA are joining over 70 Australian Duke 4Sport partners in contributing to the personal development of young people through the Physical Recreation, Skills and Voluntary Service Sections of the Award, encouraging Award Participants to be active, responsible and engaged citizens. Our aim is to attract young swimmers, club members and volunteers by providing opportunities for Participants to complete their Award activities. Swimming clubs across WA can also register as an Award Centre under this new partnership between Swimming WA and the Award in WA.


    Swimming WA is incredibly excited to partner with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award to allow clubs to register as an Award Centre. This is a fantastic opportunity for young Australians to give back to their clubs and community while expanding their life skills and maintaining their mental and physical wellbeing.


    Sophie Row CEO, Swimming WA

  • West Coast Hawks

    In 2023, the West Coast Hawks expanded their mixed Junior Development Program, designed to improve the opportunities younger footballers have to develop their knowledge, skills and enjoyment of footy.

    The club decided to run the Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award in partnership with Norwood Football Club’s Centre of Excellence. As a result, participation almost doubled with an additional 18 boys and girls from the West Coast Hawks signing up as part of the Award.

    “The improvement we see from the kids involved from the start of the season to now and then transferred to Saturday game, is noticeable and gives them a solid foundation for the next step in their football development.

    The Duke Of Ed participants have been volunteering as part of their Award for Friday Night Footy and have undertaken a range of rotating roles and responsibilities related to game day participation, junior mentoring and more broader club engagement. Their involvement has enabled them to gain a greater understanding of the importance of volunteering, whilst developing a sense of club pride and personal achievement in the roles that they play. In essence, the Duke of Ed participants run the evening and have shown great commitment, dedication and understanding of the
    role they are playing for the enjoyment of others.”


    Tim O’Reilly - Streaky Bay Area School

Next steps...

Sign up to be a Partner today

Become a Duke 4Sport Partner and help us on our mission to inspire more young people to live an active, healthy, and rewarding lifestyle. Simply complete our online application form, and once your application is approved, a member of our team will contact you. 

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Duke 4Sport Partners

Duke 4Sport Partners are familiar with the Duke of Ed Framework and recognise that young people may be using the associated sport and club membership to complete one or more sections of their Award.