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World Ready

“World Ready” is a global campaign that the International Award Foundation will launch on the 1st November 2018.  Not only is it a campaign, “World Ready” will be a phrase the Award will incorporate into it’s future branding from November. IAF would like all countries that deliver the Award to get involved and have provided us with collateral and promotional material to do so. For more information or to access collateral please see below:




-About World Ready

-World ready Toolkit

-Coloured Filter Download


Use the toolkit to download high quality images and the Photoshop filter to create your own World Ready Images (pg 11)


World Ready EDM to Participants and Award Leaders:

Mock up World Ready Email

World Ready Icons:

World Ready Posters



World Ready Images

Use the below link to download all the images as well as some that National has created.

Please use the toolkit to down the Photoshop filter and make your own.


World Ready Social Media Banners (Facebook)


World Ready Social Media Banners (Twitter)


World Ready Speech Bubbles


World Ready Words

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