60th Anniversary 2019 – Dukeofed

60th Anniversary 2019

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For our 60th Anniversary year, we are looking for all our celebrations and communications to be focused around the themes of promoting the impact of the Award on young Australian’s over the past 60 years, as well as recognising the contributions of Award volunteers and supporters in helping to make the Award program the success it is today.


February – Launch of 60th Anniversary on NAA Website and Social Media
April – 60km Challenge
May – October – State Receptions
May – October – National Trail, plaques displayed in each State
September – National Gold Award Ceremony
September – Royal visit
Ongoing – Moments That Matter Campaign


Note: Please ensure all individuals under 18 at 60th Anniversary events have given permission to be photographed/filmed and have their images shared online by us and also by media. You can do this by asking them to complete a talent release form and returning it before the event or include this permission on the invitation (see example below on invitation template). 

60km Challenge

Information on Event
EDM and Social Media Templates

Graphics for Email and Social Media Communication:


State Award Receptions

Invitation Template

The Invitation templates below can be used for State Award 60th Anniversary Receptions. If you want to print invitations professionally, you can order with Officeworks (printed as a thank you card option, double sided, on 300gsm Satin paper) Visit Officeworks Website here

Invitation Template With Bleed – Word Document Format
Invitation Template With Bleed – PDF Format
Invitation Template Without Bleed – Word Document Format
Invitation Template Without Bleed – PDF Format

Note: If you are getting invitations printed professionally, you will often need to use documents with a bleed (Gap around the edges)

REMINDER: Under 18s attending 60th Anniversary Events must have media permission to be filmed and photographed. This can be through the invitation or talent release forms.

Thank You Place Cards

Thank You Place Cards for Major receptions
Thank You Place Cards Order Instructions with Officeworks


60th Anniversary Duke of Ed National Trail

In Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of The Duke of Ed in Australia, a “60th Anniversary Duke of Ed National Trail” is being launched. This trail will be made up of 10 of the most popular Adventurous Journey walks around Australia, taken on by Award Participants. Each trail will be 6km long (10 walks x 6km).

At each trail a plaque will be displayed – NAA ordering plaques and will distribute to divisions.

We will be creating a webpage on the NAA website with information on the full trail, but this will only be done once all States have confirmed their walks.

Social Media and Email Graphics

Example of WA’s “Save the Date” Communications Piece: 

National Gold Award Ceremony

More details to come

Royal Visit 2019

More details to come

Click for bigger picture!

60th Anniversary Banner

60th Anniversary Banner Artwork

NAA have had 2 x Banners Printed for our 60th Anniversary and wanted to share the artwork with you in case you are interested in ordering some of these banners to use at events/ the reception you will host in your State this year.
The Banner Style we ordered was a Vinyl 850mm x 2170mm Silver Frame Stand Banner.
We ordered them through a company called Display Systems Australia through their “Banner Bug” options (https://displaysystems.net.au/all-products/banner-bug-retractable-banner-stand/)


60th Anniversary “Photo booth Signs”

60th Anniversary Paddle Signs


60th Anniversary Glasses Photo Props

Glasses Photo Props Printing Size



Instagram Photo booth Frame:

60th Anniversary Instagram PhotoBooth Frame_ 60cm x 90cm
60th Anniversary Instagram PhotoBooth Frame_ 60cm x 90cm_BLEED
(some printing places will require an artwork with a “bleed” – a border for cutting)

Officeworks prints posters on “Corflute” or “foam boards” which would be a good material to make these up (600mm x 900mm size, 5mm in thickness).

If you would like Officeworks to do the cut out, rather then doing it yourself, place an order via email so you can request this- design@officeworks.com.au 

Example of foam board (professional models were hired for this):



60th Anniversary Logo Use (White backgrounds and transparent)

White Version of Logo

Above are the different versions of the 60th Anniversary logo that can be used, some with transparent backgrounds and some with a white background. There is a coloured version (preferred option), a black version and a white version. The 60th Anniversary logo will follow the same guidelines as our current logos and as a National logo will need to have approval before it is used. Below are some examples where you can make use of the “60th Anniversary Logo”. If you would like to use the logo on any other material please submit to NAA for approval.

  • Email Signature block to replace your current logo
  • Letter heads (NAA approval needed)
  • Website
  • Event & promotional material (NAA Approval needed)
  • Moments That Matter Campaign – to attach to an Award Story
  • Social Media Posts – Award Stories
  • Merchandise (NAA Approval needed)


Moments That Matter Campaign

We would love to collect as many Award Stories as we can so we have lots of options and lots of stories to share as part of our 60th Anniversary celebrations next year!
These stories can be from Award Holders or current Participants and can be about an individual or a group. We are particularly looking for stories that highlight the positive outcomes of doing your Award, how it turned people’s live around, how it impacted their lives.

How to identify stories:

  1. Talk to Participants at Award Ceremonies and ask them about their Award experience
  2. Identify Award Leaders and Award Centres that may know of some really great Award Stories from current Participants or Award Holders who they still keep in contact with. Best way is to give them a call. You can also identify Award Leaders to NAA (Alex Zappia) and if you are struggling with time, we can make those calls for you.
  3. Send an email to Award Participants and Award Leaders asking them to share their stories with us.
  4. Make social media posts directly people to where/how they can share their stories

Below are some resources that will help you to identify stories:

If sending multiple photos to NAA throughout the 60th Anniversary, and they are too big to fit them all on email, you can use the website “We transfer” to transfer the photos.



Here is the Artwork for our “Connect With Us” and “Share Your Story” postcards to use at Award Ceremonies.

Printing options for Postcards:

  • Can order with officeworks (printed as a thank you card option, double sided, on 300gsm Satin paper)
    Visit Officeworks Website here
  • Contact NAA if you need help ordering


Social Media

Hashtags to use: #dukeofedaus #dukeofed #celebrating60years #momentsthatmatter
Where possible: #WORLDREADY

The website Canva is a really great free website tool to build social media graphics.

Here are some Frame templates you can use to over images and make social media posts:

Higher Quality Frames

To use for Award testimonial posts:

Examples of what the templates could look like for a social media post:

Lower Quality Frames


60th Anniversary EDM to Award Centres

EDM to Award Units


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