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Completing your Award

Do Your Activities

  • Keep at your activities for the required time. Pursue your goals. Don’t forget to do your activities regularly (at least 1 hour per week or 2 hours per fortnight). In the case of Voluntary Service, this may be four hours per four week period (in block time periods where project based service warrants this) dependent on Award Leader approval.
  • Adventurous Journey training and preparation, go on your practice journey(s) and do your qualifying journey.
  • Remember to keep your Record Book up to date and to keep your Assessors and Award Leader informed of your progress.
  • Try to keep a journal or diary. You may like to take photos, shoot video, or record a soundtrack.
  • Get your Assessors to complete their final assessment report and sign off that Section when you have finished the activity. NOTE: You may finish your activities at different times. Make sure you contact each Assessor at the time of completing each Section.

Achieving your Award

  • Submit your Online Record Book to the Award Leader for approval once all Sections are completed by both you and your Assessors.
  • Await final assessment and sign-off by your Award Leader. Note, Gold Awards are subject to a further review process by a Award Operating Authority.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have achieved your Award.


Whats Next ?

Award Ceremonies

On completing the Award, Participants will receive a certificate and badge as recognition and acknowledgement of their achievement. This is usually presented at an Award ceremony.

More information on Gold Award Ceremonies


Next Level of Award

We encourage Participants to continue on to the next level of the Award and challenge themselves. Note: activities for the next level of the Award cannot be commenced until the current one is completed.

Once Participants have completed their Gold Award, they can register with the Award Alumni



When you complete a Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award you instantly become an important part of The Duke of Edinburgh Alumni Community. In the past 60 years over 775,000 Australians have participated in the Award and globally over 8 million ! Join Today


Tell your story

We’d love to hear about your time doing The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.  Full details here.

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