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What is an Activity Provider?

Activity Providers are organisations that deliver activities and services to young people that can contribute to their Duke of Ed Award. Our Award Participants and Leaders can find Activity Providers via The Directory to help their search for suitable activities and services however, Activity Providers are not required to be listed on The Directory. Many of our Duke 4Sport and Duke of Ed Employer Partners are also Activity Providers. 

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What does it mean to be included in The Directory?

Being included in The Directory indicates that the organisation has met all base conditions to be an Activity Provider, as determined by a check and annual review undertaken by the The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia. Activity Providers on The Directory are not subject to continuous monitoring.

The check and annual review ensures the Activity Provider is familiar with the Duke of Ed and understands its program requirements and conditions as they relate to the services the organisation provides. When listed on the Directory, it means the The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Australia has checked that: 

  • The Activity Provider is a legal entity 
  • The Activity Provider has a working knowledge of the Duke of Ed and its requirements – this involves reference checks with Award Centres that have used the Activity Provider’s services for a Participant’s Award, as well as requiring the Activity Provider complete Award Leader Level 1 Training
  • The Activity Provider has been providing services to Duke of Ed Participants for several years 
  • The Activity Provider complies with Working With Child Safe requirements 
  • The Activity Provider has signed the Volunteer Code of Conduct either as individuals or on behalf of the organisation
  • The Activity Provider has insurance, generally public liability insurance, but this check does not include verifying the financial stability or adequacy of insurance coverage of the Activity Provider 

Inclusion on the Directory is not an accreditation or endorsement. This means the Award Centre is still responsible for assessing the suitability of the Activity and the Activity Provider for its Award Participants. 

An organisation can still be deemed a suitable Activity Provider by Award Centres and their Award Leaders, despite not being listed on The Directory.

The role of The Directory for Award Centres 

Award Centres are licensed to deliver the Duke of Ed to young people and are run by an Award Leader and/or Award Coordinator. The Award Centre is responsible for authorising all activities for its young people participating in the Duke of Ed, meaning the Award Leader must undertake the checks and due diligence required by the Duke of Ed and their Award Centre.

While The Directory can assist Award Centres and their Leaders source Activity Providers that have a clear understanding of the Duke of Ed, Award Leaders have the final say on the suitability and relevance of an Activity Provider for their Participants for the purposes of the Duke of Ed. Just like Activity Providers are not required to be listed on The Directory to be deemed suitable by Award Centres and their Leaders, inclusion in The Directory also does not override the determination of an Award Leader. 

It’s important to note that Participants and/or their parent/guardian must have the authorisation of the Award Centre or Award Leader before booking an activity with an Activity Provider, regardless of whether the organisation is included in The Directory. 

When booking an activity such as an expedition, the Award Centre, Participant and/or their parent/guardian is responsible for evaluating the health and safety, and suitability of the activity provided as it is a private contract with the Activity Provider.

Our current Activity Provider Directory

The Directory is a non-exhaustive list of Activity Providers designed as a resource to support Award Participants and Award Leaders identify some organisations that deliver different services to young people, where a young person might use these services for their Award. 

Organisations are not required to be on the Directory to deliver activities and services to young people that might be used for their Award. 

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