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Top 15 Skills ideas to do at home

March 27, 2020

For most people, the skills section should be the easiest to adapt to do at home but if you can no longer do your skill then the below suggestions may give you some ideas.

Please note that you should always talk to your Award Leader before signing up or choosing an activity. If you are struggling to find an Assessor you can always ask your Award Leader.


Top 15 Skills ideas to do at home

1: Learn a language

Leaning a second language is something everyone should try especially if you want to travel one day.

Don't know where to start? Try using Duolingo


2: Learn to code

If you love computers and are interested in one day getting a job working on them, learning to code is a great way to start.


3: Read

While your body is stuck at home your mind can travel to mystical lands, the future and the past all in one day - by reading books. Make sure you challenge yourself and choose books above your normal reading level.


4: Meditate

Worried about your mental health or just want to learn to still your mind? Try Meditating. You can try using an app if you are not sure where to start. Headspace has a great 10 day free trial.


5: Home Gardening

Give a person a vegetable and they eat for a day, teach a person to garden and they eat forever. Gardening is a great life skill to have.


6: Learn to juggle

Yes, juggling may seem lame, but have you ever seen someone juggle 6 balls at once? Juggling requires focus and extremely good reflexes.


7: Learn to cook

Worried that you are only going to be eating 2-minute noodles during your Adventurous Journey? Try learning to cook and expand your repertoire.


8: Graphic design

Everything you see has been designed someone including this PDF. Learn the art of graphic design and make sure your presentations always look their best. Canva is free and has some great tutorials.


9: Play an instrument

From playing Wonderwall to Flight of the Bumblebee learning to play an instrument is a great skill for all ages.


10: Chess (Online)

Think chess is too boring, well elite chess masters reported burning up to 6000 calories in one day during a tournament. You can play against the computer or even people online.


11: Basket making

Rediscover this lost art. You can use palm fronds, bamboo, reeds, thin strips of wood or sew rope together to make a basket.


12: Beekeeping

Bees are a vital part of the earth's ecosystem they pollinate almost every single plant, not only that but they also make sweet delicious honey.


13: Cardmaking 

Get a piece of paper, fold it in half and you have a card. But that is only the start, are you going to use quilling on it or stamps or paint it- the options are as endless as your creativity. You can then send those cards to people in hospitals and to those in isolation for your Voluntary Service.


14: Photography

While anyone can take a picture becoming a master of using light, depth and shadow is a very long road. Are you going to only use your phone camera, digital camera, analog or pinhole camera or all of them?


15: Origami

How many things can you make out of paper? According to his own estimation, the grandmaster of origami Akira Yoshizawa had made over 50,000 different origami models.