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Top 15 Physical Recreation ideas to do at home

March 27, 2020

With all team sports and most other sports cancelled due to the COVID – 19 virus finding a Physical Recreation that you can do from home can be pretty tricky.

So if you are struggling to come up with an idea for your Physical Recreation see below.

Please note that you should always talk to your Award Leader before signing up or choosing an activity. If you are struggling to find an Assessor you can always ask your Award Leader.


The top 15 Physical Recreation Ideas to do from home:


1: Yoga

Yoga is a great discipline to try at home as you need no equipment other than a mat or towel. Try using an app or watching online videos to get started.


2: Calisthenics

Callisthenics are exercises that require no equipment, so you can do it from home.


3: Virtual Mission

Choose a mission e.g run Sydney to Canberra, Row the Tasman Sea or Cycle from Melbourne to Adelaide and on your home exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine track your journey using the Virtual Mission app. Race your friends or just set personal Goals, it’s a great form of evidence to show your Assessor even if they can’t be there. https://www.myvirtualmission.com/


4: Aerobics (online lesson)

Dress in your favourite fluro outfit and bring back the 80’s. You can even do it with your friends via video chat.


5: Skateboarding

Do a kickflip! Or learn how. If you have a skateboard at home you can practice on the pavement or even on the grass and finally master that kickflip.


6:Dancing (all types)

Ever wanted to master all the fortnight dances or a cool dance routine from youtube? Why not do it for your Award?


7: Running

If the gamification of the Virtual Mission app isn’t your thing don’t worry. You can still run outside, in the bush on a track or even on a treadmill.


8: Swimming

While public swimming pools are crowded you can still work on your swimming ability by going to an ocean pool or your own if you have one.


9: Online Martial Arts Class

A lot of Dojos around Australia and the World have started offering online classes so that you can still practice but from home. Contact your local dojo to find out more.


10: Online Barre classes

What is barre? Is it ballet, pilates or just a workout? All three apparently. Get fit at home while working on your posture and endurance with an online barre class.


11: Parkour

Practice the French art of “lart du déplacement”  or jump off thing saying “parkour” either way parkour requires discipline, precision and immense amounts of training to do well.


12: Frisbee golf

Set up goals around your backyard and perfect that backhand swing. While you can buy special weighted frisbee golf frisbees any old frisbee should work to start off with.


13: Tai Chi

The gentle martial art. Fulfil that life long dream of learning Tai Chi so that when the Coronavirus pandemic has subsided you can join those Tai Chi groups in the park.


14: Slacklining

While this does require a modest investment, if you have two strong trees at home or two firmly set posts you are ready to go. Remember, it is a lot harder and more tiring than it looks on youtube.


15: Zumba

Basically the modern version of Aerobics but with less fluro. Though that is up to you.