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The Award Journey Video- Where has The Duke of Ed taken you?

September 20, 2019

"Where has The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award taken you?" This is the question we have asked our Award Alumni.

For those who are doing or have achieved their Award and look back at the change in their lives and the challenges they have overcome, they can truly see the journey the Award has taken them on.

The Journey

It all starts with you at 13, before you started or maybe had even heard of The Duke of Ed. Were you shy, loud, the class clown perhaps somewhere in the middle?

Did you leap at the chance to do the Award or did it take you a while to think about doing it?

At what point did your journey, your challenge, your Award truly become yours alone? When was the point where you said: “I can do this”!

No one's answers will be the same, but after looking back on your journey from 14 and just starting Bronze to finishing any three of the levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold); you can see where the Award has taken you, the mentors who have inspired you, the organisations who have supported you and the goals you have accomplished.

If you have a story to share, great or small we would love to hear it as it may be able to inspire someone else to achieve their Award. Email: comms@dukeofed.com.au