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Survey: The impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Young People

June 23, 2020

At The Duke of Ed*, we are interested in the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic for all young people.


We want to understand the worries and challenges that young people have experienced during this time and any unexpected opportunities that have come about.


To help us do this, we have distributed this survey to approximately 22,000 Award participants to help us recognise they have been, and are still, going through.


The survey was distributed on Tuesday 23rd  June and the deadline for responses is Tuesday, 30th June 2020.


All data collected will be treated confidentially, and responses and comments will remain anonymous. We may use the responses from this survey in promotional materials and publications, so by answering these questions you agree to us using your comments in our materials.  Any comments used would not be attributed to respondents personally, but to a ‘contributor’ or ‘Award Participant’. 


*This survey is an initiative of the International Award Foundation and has been distributed to you by the National Award Office of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia.


The full details of the survey can be found here: Covid-19 Survey