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Victoria’s Award Story of the Month- Runner Up - Molly

As part of celebrating our 60th Anniversary of the Award in Australia, Duke of Ed Vic are showcasing stories from our Participants about their Award journey and the impact it’s had on their lives. These stories help inspire others and help us encourage more young people to begin their Award.

Each month we run a draw of Participants who are interested to tell their Award story. The Participant who wins the draw becomes our Star of the Month. The Star gets their story featured here (as well as on our social handles) and wins a $100 voucher of their choice to spend at Ticketek, Kathmandu or Apple.

1: Why did you decide to become involved with the Award?

Last year I was lucky enough to spend the year away from home at a school called Timbertop where the award is offered and heavily encourages all of the students to participate.


2: What were the most memorable parts of your Award experience?

I will never forget all of the things I did within completing my award as it was one of the most memorable years of my life. I enjoyed every aspect of the components I completed and will take the things I learnt with me through life utilizing them whenever I can. My favorite/ most memorable experience would probably be my adventures journey (My 6 day hike) I had so much fun with the girls in my hike group and we made so many memories I will never forget.

3: Would you say the Award has had an impact on your life and where you are today? If so,

After looking back and reflecting at my time at Timbertop and my time in senior school so far, I have finally become aware of the greatest impact the award has had on me. The Service component, while being away from home in sometimes isolating and not so easy circumstances and without common comforts it is easy to pity yourself and at difficult times only think about yourself. The Voluntary Service component in a way was a wakeup call, it reminded me that I am very fortunate and that no matter how difficult things get there are so many other people around the world struggling with the overwhelming difficulties of the life they live and the limited opportunities they are presented with. Helping people in your community even if it is a small gesture or in some way improving the quality of their life is the beginning of the change that needs to happen in the world so thank you Duke of Ed, I hope that many of the other participants see this too and we in the years to come will see a difference in the communities we live in around the world.


4: What will you take/have you taken away from your Award experience?

The award has given me insight into many new things throughout my Duke of Ed experience but I think the most valuable being Persistence. Throughout my year and the process of completing the Award I achieved many things I would not have thought a reality. The biggest being running a 33km marathon to complete my physical goal. Each new thing we were asked to do brought something new to the table we never knew we had in us. Whether it be; not showering for 6 days or living with 15 other people to tackling a new mountain there was never an option of failure or to give up only persistence. This opened my eyes to the fact that if you set your mind to something it can really be achieved.