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Awards Victoria Ltd is the State Operating Authority for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Victoria.  Through our partnerships with schools, educational and community organisation, we facilitate the delivery of the Award.

Our mission is to give all young Victorians increased employment and educational outcomes in the face of the changing education landscape and increased youth unemployment. With a strategic focus on disadvantaged and remote communities, we aim to ensure that all young Victoria’s have access to the Award, regardless of background or circumstance.

We also partner with a range of educational institutions, government departments and community organisations to create more equitable education & employment and opportunities for young people, as well as ongoing opportunities that extend beyond the completion of the Award.





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Capacity Building Workshops


Award Leader Training

The Award in VIC conducts Award Leader Training Days for Award Leaders and Assistant Award Leaders involved in running The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Victoria. It is mandatory for all Award Leaders to complete the training so they are fully aware of the implications and responsibilities involved with operating the Award. Please read more about Award Leader Training requirements here
Level 2 – Award Administration Training (AAT) – Face to face delivery
*Award Leaders must complete Level 2 within 3 months and no later than 12 months of their ORB registration being accepted and completion of Level 1 Training.
Venue & Dates:



YAL’s Training
The Award in VIC conducts Young Award Leader training for Participants to equip them with the skills and confidence to help grow, support and promote the Award in their school. The program also develops Participants leadership and communication skills and provides them with further opportunities to put these skills in practice.
Venue & Dates:

Gold Award Ceremonies
The Award in VIC organises and funds Gold Award Ceremonies to ensure that every Victorian that completes a Gold Award is recognised and celebrated for this achievement.
Venue & Dates:
Government House, Melbourne


Dukes Week
DUKES WEEK is our annual celebration of The Award across Victoria. The week recognises and celebrates the effort, achievement and impact of Participants, their Award Leaders and other volunteers that support Participants during the program. The week is organised and run by YALS, and is an opportunity for participants to get together to celebrate the Award with their school/Award Centre, local community and each other.
Venue and Dates






Oak Tree Student Ambassador Program
Did you know that participating in Oaktree’s (amazing) Student Ambassador (SA) program can count towards the Bronze or Silver Service component of the award?
If you haven’t heard of Oaktree, they are Australia’s largest youth-led aid and development organisation. Their SA program is all about training and empowering young Australians to lead, demand and create a more just world.
So if you, or any Participant you know, is looking to make an impact in the global movement against injustice, look no further.
Check out all the program details here.
DOWNLOAD THE FLYER HERE  to see how the program maps to the Award, or see below for more information.
Program Mapped to The Duke of Ed 
Student Ambassador Position Description
Live Below The Line Campaign


YDAS Emerging Leaders Program
The Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) and Awards Victoria are running a pilot program called the Emerging Young Leaders Program for young Victorians who are emerging leaders. The program is for any Award Participants aged 14 – 19 who identify as having a disability, being Deaf, neurodiverse and/or having lived experience of mental health issues. There is room for 30 young people to participate in the program.
The Program will help you grow your leadership and advocacy skills, gain knowledge and confidence in leadership and receive unique support to complete your Award.


Sharing Your Story
Your story could inspire more young people to get involved with The Duke of Ed!
Head here for more information on how to share your Story!



Early Entry Pathways
La Trobe University’s Aspire Program

Completing your Award through University
The following Victorian Higher Education Institutions now offer the Award on Campus.
Melbourne City Institute of Education






Curriculum links:
The Duke of Ed and VCAL

The Duke of Ed and Advance
Models of Delivery in Schools

Other resources:
Award Centres in Victoria

Assessors Guide and Volunteer Code of Conduct (VIC law specific)


Award Centre Fee

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award $610

*Additional Campus $260


The Award Centre fee includes:

-Administrative costs

-Materials and resources

-Ongoing enquiry support

– Initial training meetings

-Professional Development days

-Duke of Ed staff availability to attend workshops, student& parent info sessions and Award presentations

Please note: this is an annual fee, payable each calendar year. Under the licensing agreement, all young people involved with this operator are eligible to participate in any of the Award Centre’s registered Awards.

Participant Fee:

Bronze $172

Silver $182

Gold $192


The Participant fee includes:

-Administrative costs

-Materials and resources

-Ongoing enquiry support

-Insurance cover

-Award Level badge and certificate

Please note: these fees apply to the Award levels and is active for as long as the Participant takes to complete that level.




To contact the Award in VIC office, head here
To visit the Award in VIC’s Facebook page, head here


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