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Victoria’s Award Story of the Month- Hannah

As part of celebrating our 60th Anniversary of the Award in Australia, Duke of Ed Vic are showcasing stories from our Participants about their Award journey and the impact it’s had on their lives. These stories help inspire others and help us encourage more young people to begin their Award.

Each month we run a draw of Participants who are interested to tell their Award story. The Participant who wins the draw becomes our Star of the Month. The Star gets their story featured here (as well as on our social handles) and wins a $100 voucher of their choice to spend at Ticketek, Kathmandu or Apple.

  1. Why did you decide to become involved with the Award?

 I decided to become involved with the Award because I had never done anything like this award before, and I wanted to push my comfort zone and try things that I haven’t done before. I had also heard that it was hard to get the Award and took a lot of hard work and commitment, so I wanted to prove to people and myself that it was possible to finish the Award.


  1. What were the most memorable parts of you Award experience?

The most memorable parts of my award experience so far have been getting closer to the people that I meet at my activities and on my journeys and getting to know them better. One of my favourite memories so far would have to be working as a team with some of my best friends to plan and accomplish the journeys.


  1.  What has been the biggest challenge in your life, either before starting the Award or during?

The biggest challenge in my life was my Grandad dying, it was hard because he was the glue that held my Dad’s side of the family together.


  1. Has the Award helped you overcome any challenges you have faced?

The Award has helped me over-come the death of my Grandad because visiting other elderly people reminds me of him and how he told me to make him proud I should be the best person I can be.  The Award helped me overcome a very challenging hike with school, because I just kept hiking and thinking about how proud of myself I would be once I had finished it and achieved my bronze award. I also started troupe dancing this year, which means a lot more hours and competitions, so The Duke of Ed has helped me learn the dances and improve my dancing because I would practice at home, so I could log more hours.


  1. Would you say the Award has had an impact on your life and where you are today? If so, how?

After completing my Bronze Award, I have been given some amazing leadership opportunities such as being a peer support leader for the new year 7’s, going on Melbourne Camp with the year 9’s as a leader, showing parents around our school on the open day, waitressing at the year 11 ball and helping with the primary school athletics. I wear my badge proudly, knowing that I have worked hard to earn the Award and feel it is a very special badge to have.

I have had to display a growth mindset while staying positive trying new things. That although, at times, I am challenged I know I have committed to the Award and keep myself motivated to continue. Through the Award, I have met many new people, and learnt that supporting mindfulness with others is a great character trait that can have a positive impact for all involved.


  1. How do you expect the Award will help you later in life, or what impact will completing an Award have on you?

The Award encourages commitment and to follow things through, which I think is an important trait to have. Applying for jobs later in life, I feel the Award gives evidence to employers of commitment I can have. It displays a willingness to support others and being willing to learn new things.

When going to university I will have a connection to others who have completed the Award, which could have me make new like-minded friends.


  1. What will you take/have you taken away from your Award experience?

So far what I have taken away from the Award is if you work hard and try your best you will be rewarded, if you believe it is possible then go for it and if you can get there by hard work and determination. What I think I will take away from the award is challenges are supposed to challenge you and without challenges in your life you won’t achieve anything.