"My name is Amy, I’m currently 16 years old and completing my Bronze Award in Victoria. I’m doing cooking for my Skills, running for my Physical Recreational section, and tutoring for my Voluntary Service.
I was lucky enough to do most of my activities at home without having to change them and fortunately tutoring was able to be moved online. Running was also allowed so I could continue the activity.
The hardest part of doing my activities was my Voluntary Service. I found it hard to communicate to the children because everything was done through a screen, and many activities that we would normally do had to be adjusted because they required a lot of interaction. The children that I tutored also easily lost concentration and did not focus as well as they normally do.
The best part about doing the activities from home was having more time available on my hands. I could spend more time on my activities, as well as not spending as much time on both ends travelling when it came to my voluntary services.
The Award has had a meaningful impact on me, as it has taught me different skills, including the ability to adapt to change, given me the opportunity to spend more time on the things I enjoy, and because I often do these activities with family, I’ve been able to spend more time with family."
Written by Bronze Award Holder Amy.