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Results are in! The Duke of Ed positively impacts personal development

April 12, 2024

A recent survey of 949 Duke of Ed Participants revealed the positive impact the Duke of Ed can have on young Australians.


Duke of Ed CEO, Peter Kaye says, “Tertiary education and employment recruiters are taking a more wholistic assessment of an applicant before offering a position. Increasingly, 21st century skills play an important role alongside formal education results.

“In addition to academic qualifications, recruiters are looking for evidence where an applicant has focused on other areas of personal development such as resilience, confidence, willingness to step outside of their comfort zone, leadership, contribution to community, problem solving skills and more.”

The latest survey reflects the positive impact the Duke of Ed Framework has in challenging Participants to develop important 21st century skills that will help set them up to become #WorldReady.

Of those that participated in the survey:

  • 88% improved at working in a team.
  • 87% have improved their problem solving skills.
  • 85% now see challenges as opportunities to develop.
  • 85% find it more exciting to try new things.
  • 84% feel more resilient.
  • 84% feel more comfortable in new and unusual situations.
  • 82% feel more determined.
  • 76% feel more confident since completing their Duke of Ed.
  • 72% feel more satisfied with their life.


While the Duke of Ed Framework is designed to help a young person find their purpose, passion and place in the world, the outcomes can also positively impact the wider community:

  • 85% of survey participants feel contributing to community and society has become more important to them.
  • 84% believe they can make a difference in their community.
  • 82% now feel they can be a good group leader.
  • 81% improved at seeing other people’s point of view.

2023 was a record year for new Duke of Ed registrations in Australia. Young people are increasingly valuing our non-formal education and learning Framework to complement their formal education in the classroom”, says Peter Kaye.

77% of survey participants believe the Duke of Ed has prepared them for their next stage in life. The following are a few testimonials provided by survey participants on what outcomes they valued the most from their Duke of Ed experience:

“The physical aspect of the journey was the most valuable as it wasn't just about the physicality, rather it was about companionship, problem-solving, care for the environment, and encouragement.”

“Giving me a reason to keep going and staying committed to something.”

“What I learnt about myself, such as I can in fact push through hard times. Connecting and learning about people around me, survival skills, the importance of physical and mental health and the value of volunteer work.”

“It’s a fun, interactive way of helping both yourself and the community you serve whilst also benefiting yourself and your future.” 

“My Duke of Ed experience has enabled me to expand my skill set beyond what is learnt at school - embarking not only on a journey of self-improvement but also giving back to my local community in the process. The confidence, physical strength, communication skills, patience, persistence, drive and motivation I have developed over the course of the Award experience will enable me to effectively demonstrate these sorts of highly-regarded skills in my future tertiary studies, career path and beyond.”

“Each aspect of the Award allows me to meet different demographics that really enhance my experience.”

“The extra ATAR points as well as making my CV more professional.”

“What I value most about my Duke of Ed experience is how it makes you focus on your personal goals, values, and skills. It pushes you beyond what you think you can do.”

“I pushed through a lot my mental limits and am proud of what I have accomplished.”


Find more information about the Duke of Ed Framework, HERE