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Funding Assistance

Funding Assistance

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia offers subsidies and grants to enable young people requiring financial assistance to participate in the Award.  These grants substantially increase the number of young people who are able to undertake and complete an Award across Australia.

“There is no doubt that this is a significant program in the holistic development of our young people. It shows that the quality of a person is not just measured by a grade score. That education is not just about subject knowledge, it’s about developing the spirit and integrity of our future community members and leaders. In this respect, the Award, (its personnel support) and funding received is absolutely outstanding.”    

– Paul, Award Leader

Our funding is broken down into two types:

  • funding for individuals
  • funding for groups


Ngarijan – Award Participant

For Individuals 

(ongoing with no deadlines for application)

Award Leaders can apply on behalf of an individual/s requiring financial assistance to be able to participate in the Award.

The individual funding seeks to partially or fully cover, depending on the applicant’s situation, the Award registration fee. There are 3 levels of registration assistance (funded: Base Level: $50; MidLevel: $100; High Level: $full registration fee. There is also consideration for the costs associated with the Adventurous Journey for young people with high needs.

For individuals without an Award Centre or Award Leader, you should contact your Local Award Office: State or Territory Award Office to discuss how to register as a Participant.


The  Duke of Ed program had generously granted the school funds to assist in the financial side of things. I WAS SO OVER THE MOON! And now having completed my bronze award, I can confidently express that this adventure was indeed a journey of a lifetime. It has helped me create meaningful friendships with my younger peers (which is outstanding as now I am school captain), it has pushed me outside my comfort zone and encouraged my newfound appreciation for hiking and exploring Australia.

– Sandy, Award Participant



Kalamunda Secondary- Award Centre

For Groups 

Award Leaders can apply on behalf of a group of young people for their organisation to become a Project Delivery Partner of the Award.  Award Centre that can take on groups – up to 50 Participants – can apply for this type of funding assistance.

Group funding is available to cover the registration fee and all other costs associated with completing an Award Level. Further funding can be sought for Participants wishing to complete subsequent levels of the Award in later rounds.


Group of 25

-Registration Fee Subsidy: $100 * 25

-Adventurous Journey Subsidy: $200 * 25

-Staff or Carer Subsidy: $500 * 1

Total: $8,000

Applications are reviewed in funding rounds, between 250 and 600 young people to commence and complete the Award with each round (approximately 4,000 young people over a three-year period).

Funding is limited and cannot be guaranteed, but all applications will be considered, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria.

All successful applicants will be required to sign our T&Cs.

This funding assistance would not be possible without the generous support from the Australian Federal Government, our Ambassadors, and our other Supporters.

For further information, please refer to the FUNDING APPLICATION GUIDELINES 3.0 for further information.

Queries about your grant application are best directed to your Award Operating Authority (State or Territory Award Office)

“I genuinely appreciate being able to run the Award within our Special Education Centre. It is rewarding to be able to see students successfully participate in activities outside of the classroom in varying environments. It fills me with a sense of pride being able to see students develop confidence when successfully overcoming personal challenges in unfamiliar environments. I actively encourage new students, of all abilities, to consider participating in the award.”

– Kylie, Award Leader



Funding Progress Report

Award Centre that have been granted funding assistance for Participants to undertake The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award are required to provide progress reports so we can meet our Federal Government Funding requirements.