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For Parents and Guardians

Participating in the Award programs is an exciting journey for young people and their families.

Through a strong yet flexible framework, your daughter or son can uniquely design their Award, choosing activities that spark their interest and challenge them to achieve great heights. You play a vital role by providing support and encouragement as they work towards their goals.

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Supporting your daughter or son

The Award equips young people for life and work, whether it is through new unique activities, meeting new people or exploring an unfamiliar environment. Your child is responsible for their development and setting their Award goals.

With your support and motivation, you can help your son or daughter grow and develop. Encourage your daughter or son to take an active role in constructing their strategies to drive them forward. No other person can understanding  their strengths and weaknesses better than you.

To undertake The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award- Australia, Participants are required to pay to their State or Territory Award Operating Authority. These fees may vary between Award levels and State/Territory.

These fees may vary for new Participants into the Award and for those who are continuing on to their next Award level.

For more information on Award fees, please contact your State/Territory Award Operating Authority.

If your query is in regard to pricing for the National Open Award Centre, contact 1300 4 DUKES (1300 438 537, option 3).

Funding Assistance may be available - for more information visit our Funding Assistance page under resources


Award Centres

Each State and Territory Award Operating Authority licences Award Centres to conduct The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in Australia. The Award Centres can be:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • Community Organisations
  • Sporting or social clubs
  • Companies
  • A group of interested parents who their own association

Award Leaders

Award Leaders are the frontline communicators with your child, and are responsible for running the program within their area.

The Award Leaders role is to engage, encourage and inspire young people throughout their Award journey.

Key responsibilities:

  • Advising, guiding and assisting young people in the Award
  • Accessing, distributing and reviewing the Online Record Books and other resources as required
  • Assisting Participants to find suitable Assessors
  • Answering questions and liaising with the appropriate division
  • Pre-approval and final sign-off of all activities
  • Adhering to the risk management policies and legislation


For each Section of the Award, your child will need to find a suitable Assessor to guide them in each activity. The role of the Assessor is to mentor your child’s progress towards their goal.

Key responsibilities:

  • Assist the Participant to identify and set achievable goals for the section they are assessing
  • Ensure the Participant undertakes the Section activity substantially in their own time
  • Encourage and recognise improvements in the Participant
  • Write a report at the completion of the section activity and sign-off the Participant’s record

Your child’s assessor must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • More skilled, experienced or qualified in the activity than the Participant
  • Not an immediate family member

For further information, contact your child’s Award Leader or the Award Centre


Record Book Assessment and Approval

Once your child has completed the activities as designed in their Award, and it has been signed-off by their Assessors, they will submit their Record Book to their Award Leader. The Award Centre will then check all requirements, including any relevant documentation such as participation diaries and Adventurous Journey records. The final approval of the Award is a policy of each State and Territory.

Registration with the Award in Australia provides Participants and recognised Volunteers limited insurance in the areas of personal accident and public liability while undertaking Award activities. Please note:

  • If activities undertaken are considered to be in the high-risk category, then the responsibility and insurance is placed upon the Participant.
  • Insurance cover is only for Australia. If a Participant is undertaking any activities for the Award outside of Australia, they must make their own arrangements.

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Child Protection

Each State and Territory is responsible for the protocols surrounding the ‘Working with Children Check’.

For further information, please contact your State or Territory Award Operating Authority

Safety/Risk Management

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is committed to the safety and protection of all young people and has developed a manual of processes, policies and procedures aimed at minimising all risk. All Federal and State/Territory laws in relation to working with children, child protection, child safety, equal opportunity and anti-discrimination apply.

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Parents/Guardians of Participants under 18 years of age must agree to the "Requirements and Conditions of doing the Award" before undertaking the Award.

Consent is to be given through the relevant Participation Application Form which can be found under Participant Resources