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Australian Air Force Cadets licensed to operate the Award in Australia

February 10, 2016

The Australian Air Force Cadets AAFC have signed an historic agreement with the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.
The AAFC has been licensed to operate the Award in Australia as a National Award Centre. It is only the third license ever issued to an Award Centre in Australia, and is the result of many months of hard work by the Director of Operations AAFC WGCDR(AAFC) Danny Pieri and the AAFC National Duke of Ed Manager WOFF(AAFC) April-Ann Currie.

The License means they will be able to offer a national flat rate for members wishing to participate in the Award, and standardise the Award requirements across Australia for cadets and staff.

AAFC general training compliments the Award which means that cadets can enroll in the Award at 14 and use a significant part of their cadet training as part of their Award qualification.

Currently there are 1053 AAFC members enrolled in the Award.

If you want to join the Award through the AAFC contact  SQNLDR (AAFC) Marian Jackson - email ndem.opsd@airforcecadets.gov.au