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APEC 2016 Voices of the Future Journey


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APEC 2016 Voices of the Future  Australian Youth Representatives

From left: Philip Chan, Zoe Neill, MacCallum Johnson, Isobel McDonald, Toni Pachernegg and Larry Stalis







Australia through the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has nominated 6 participants (5 youth participants and 1 educator) to represent Australia at APEC Voices of the Future Youth Forum in November 2016

Philip Chan

Philip is a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awardee, having completed all three levels of the Award.  He has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications) with a Bachelor of Laws at Sydney University, and has also completed an Executive Education Program from Harvard University, Yale University and Babson College. Philip has won countless community service awards including the Local Council’s Young Citizen of the Year (2016), The Rotary Youth Leadership Award (2012) and the Australian Government’s National Volunteer Award- Young Volunteer (2012). In addition, he has experience with projects within the Asia Pacific Region, Legal and Human Rights experience, and Teaching with youth and Team Leader and Facilitator experience.  Some of Philip’s notable achievements include his current involvement as a Youth Advisor and Researcher for the United Nations Children’s Rights in the Digital Age Project, participating as a Legal intern for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Malaysia (2015), being Co-Founder and Social Entrepreneur, Empafest: world’s first DIY empathy festival for teenagers (2014-Present); recognised at the World Innovation Summit for Education and a part of the Youth Brains Trust, Young and Well  Cooperative Research Centre.

Isobel McDonald

Isobel is a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awardee, having completed all three levels of the Award. She is currently in her second year of her double degree in Laws and International and Global studies at the University of Sydney. In 2014, Isobel was a regional finalist in the Lions Youth of the Year Quest and also a delegate in the UN Youth Conference NSW. In addition, Isobel is currently a Youth Guide at the Museum of Contemporary Art and writes articles focusing conflict for the Organisation for World Peace Research. She is the Juvenile Justice Mentor for young women on remand in detention, and has recently completed an academic exchange Program in Demark where she was awarded a Sydney Abroad Exchange Scholarship. In 2014, Isobel also received the Macquarie University Public Speaking Prize for Outstanding commitment to Debating and has continued with this passion into her university years through her active involvement in debating with the USU and her part-time employment as a debating coach.

MacCallum Johnson

MacCallum is also a Gold Level Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award holder and is currently in her third year of Bachelor of Laws (Llb Honours) and Bachelor of Policy Studies at Australian National University. She has been awarded countless awards including the Emeritus Professor Frank Fenner Bursary for Undergraduate Study, Helen Handbury Future Leaders Future Justice Award, Australian Defence Force Long Tan and Teamwork Award and the Australian National University Tuckwell Centernary Scholarship.  MacCallum has also been a delegate for the 2015 National Youth Conference, The YWCA She Leads Conference and the Young Australians in International Affairs: Future 21 Conference 2016. She is currently involved in the Woman in Law Organisation Mentorship Program and is the Canberra Projects Officer for Young Australians in International Affairs. MacCallum is currently involved in the ANU Law Reform and Social Justice/ Environmental Defenders Office ACT Climate Change Litigation Project and was an International Woman’s Day Ambassador for the National Committee of United Nation Women Australia. Additionally, she is also a highly active participant in university, partaking in roles such as the ANU International Relations Society Careers Director and ANU Law Students Society Director of Research.

Toni Pachernegg

Toni currently studies Public Management at the University of Canberra, and works full-time in the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. She manages and leads a Platoon of 24 army reserve operations supply and catering to members located across NSW and ACT. Toni participated in the 2014 APEC Voices of the Future program in Beijing and also assisted the organisation and coordination of the APEC 51st Energy Working Group, where she was associated in meetings hosted in Canberra, which included the development of all supporting material. After graduating from the Australian Army First Appointment Course and becoming a commissioned officer in the Royal Australian Army Ordinance Corps, she currently serves as a Supply Officer and Platoon Commander in charge of planning and implementing platoon’s training in line with strategic objectives. Toni states that this is where her passion lies; she enjoys learning about the logistical aspect of operations and developing her junior commanders, enabling them to develop their own team.

Laurentiu Unguroiu

Laurentiu is a Gold Awardee, and is currently in his second year of his Business Information Systems (Co-op) (Honours) degree at The University of New South Wales. He was an active volunteer for the St Vincent’s De Paul Society and also a participant of the 40K Global entrepreneurship project in rural India, where he was involved in the developemnt of sustainable business products aimed at adressing water quality and access issues in an area of six villages. Laurentiu also has industry experinece as a Senior Analyst in Strategic Partnerships for American Express Singapore and a Buisness Analyst- Technical Advisory Group for American Express Sydney. Through his experince Laurentiu says he has gained an understanding of the industry and a sucessful application of skills regarding government and economic relationships and global communication and intergation. To add to this, Laurentiu has been awarded the Premier’s Volunteering Chanllenge (Diamond Award) and is a recepient of the UNSW Co-op Scholarship in Business Information Systems. He is also involved in the Pro-bono Consulting project at Waverly Action Youth Services and is Research Assistant at the National University of Singapore, working on projects surrounding how the various features of social media and collaborative environments drive altruistic behaviour.

Zoe Neill

ZoZoee Neill is currently completing her Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, and is in her second year of her Bachelor of International and Global Studies: majoring in government and international relations and international business at the University of Sydney.

Zoe is passionate about learning new languages and cultures, and is in the process of completing her first year in a Diploma of Languages: majoring in Spanish and Latin American Studies. In addition, Zoe is currently a volunteer and co-ordinator for the Young Vinnies Refugee English Language Program and holds a causal teaching position at the Matthew English Centre and the Global IELTS (International Language Testing System) English Centre in ShaunTau China. She has participated in multiple cultural development programs such as the Remote and Rural Enterprise Program, as well as a Social Business internship program in India through 40K Globe, where she worked will local women in rural areas to help develop ethically produced and sustainable products to be sold in the Indian Market.


DAY 1: ABAC MeABAC Day 1eting (APEC Business Advisory Council)

Bubbling with excitement and jetlag, 120 young people from 21 APEC economies converged into Lima for Day 1 of the APEC Voices of the Future program. The group attended the meeting at ABAC, the APEC Business Advisory Council, listening to interesting discussions among political and business leaders. The Second Vice-President of Peru, Mercedes Araoz Fernandez, talked about the importance of less regulations and reduced redtape for trade, as well as the need for employment for young people. The upcoming Trump presidency also dominated discussions, particularly the consequences for APEC and trade liberalisation.

The team met fellow delegates from across the region, had a scrumptious Peruvian buffet dinner, including the renowned culinary delights, ceviche and chicha.


DAY 2: Opening Ceremony and Forum

The group were all up bright and early to depart for the Universidad San Lgnacio De Loyola and jump straight into the APEC Voices of the Future (VoF) 2016 Youth Forum. The topic of this years APEC VoF is “How can youths play a role as community leaders to promote quality growth and human development in the Asia Pacific Region?”. Sparking much debate, each economy had one representative present their views. Philip Chan, presented the Australian perspective where ‘a fair go’ for all’ and ‘not just voices of the future but voices of now’ was given as the key rhetoric’s. The day concluded with focus groups debating the three key components to the question of the day; 1. Youth as community leaders 2. Quality growth and 3. Human development. Outcomes from these focus groups will be used tomorrow to construct a ‘Youth Declaration” to be negotiated between representatives from each economy

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DAY 3: Community Activity at a Talent School

Community activity at the Escuela de Talentos (Callao). Another early rise to beat the Lima traffic and visit the country’s “Talent School”, a public school funded by the regional Government of Callao. It has a pedagogical model that incorporates the use of NTIC (new technologies of information and communication). That means no books, only computers! They selects its students from the top third of academic performers in the region and it ensures no talented student is excluded from the education system because of their economic status. The school offers comprehensive training that integrates technology with entrepreneurship. Students propose business ideas and work to make them reality. To begin the day, the students put on an excellent performance of traditional dance. We were shown their robotics lab, some business prototypes (all amazing), taken through the history of Callao and taught how to dance. The students really made us feel welcome and it was an wonderful experience, one we will not forget to quickly!

talent school                  cultural dance


DAY 4: Sightseeing

sightseeing day4  aussie group sightseeing day4

DAY 5 & 6: CEO Summit

with malcolm turnbullA key component of APEC Voices of the Future is to be able to attend the CEO Summit and listen to key world leaders and mingle with prominent CEOs. A definite highlight for the Australian delegation was seeing our very own Malcolm Turnbull lead a panel session on ‘The Innovation Economy’ expressing the absolute need for an economy to be open to innovation or face greater consequences of technological destruction in the future. Another key speaker and highlight was IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde discussing the importance of Women in organisations – “Women’s economic empowerment, along with being a moral imperative, is a game changer and no brainer”.





Read Philip Chans report here APEC Voices of the Future Report 2016 – Philip Chan

  malcolm turnbull     IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde








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