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Our Structure

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International Award Foundation

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation drives and supports the Award’s global growth, so more young people can undertake the world’s leading youth achievement award.

Working through a network of Award Operators in more than 130 countries and territories, it creates new ways and places for young people to do the Award, using innovative online tools. The Foundation leads the Award’s entry into new countries, ensuring consistency around the world. It works to increase global awareness of the value of non-formal education. This in turn creates demand for the Award, which is one way that young people’s development outside the classroom can be recognised consistently worldwide.

Current senior appointments;

Chairman of the Board of Trustees : HRH The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Forfar KG GCVO

Secretary General : John May OBE DL

For more information visit http://www.intaward.org/

The National Award Operator (NAO)

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Australia (National Award Operator – NAO) is licensed by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation (International Award Foundation – IAF) to operate The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Australia.

The NAO is responsible for:

  1. Maintaining the licence requirements including the fundamental principles and operating principles of the Award as set out by IAF and the Code of Practice.
  2. Funding and resourcing of the Award, including arrangements with partners such as government, industry and individuals.
  3. Promotion and building awareness of the Award.
  4. Developing and maintaining nationally applicable policies.
  5. Maintaining comprehensive records
  6. Protecting the Award brand and intellectual property as set out in the licence with the IAF.
  7. Providing the required reporting to the IAF, Award Operating Authorities, and key stakeholders such as partners, supporters and sponsors.
  8. Licensing Award Centres through licence arrangements with Award Operating Authorities.
  9. Developing and implementing an ongoing national strategic plan.
  10. Meeting Quality Assurance, Award and legislative compliance requirements.


The NAO has entered into licences with an organisation or government agency in each Australian State and Territory to deliver The Duke of Ed in their State or Territory. The NAO also operates as a National Award Centre for some individuals and organisations to deliver the Award.

National Board

National Management Team


Award Operating Authorities

The licence between the NAO and each Award Operating Authority enables the Award Operating Authorities to manage the delivery of the Award in their particular State or Territory.

Under these licence agreements, the Award Operating Authorities acknowledge their overall responsibility to deliver the Award program in compliance with the law in its State or Territory and  to provide the Award Centre with:

  1. Information, resources and promotional materials regarding the Award.
  2. Administrative and support services together with training and networking opportunities.
  3. The National Handbook.
  4. All National Policies with which the Award Centre must comply.
  5. Participant Application Forms.
  6. Details of insurance coverage provided by National Award Operator together with details of any changes to that insurance coverage.
  7. Award presentations as required.


The Award Operating Authorities have entered into licences with Award Centres, who are responsible for delivering the Award to Participants.


The Friends of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Australia

The Friends of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Australia was established in 1989 as the fundraising arm of the Award in Australia. The key objects of The Friends are:

  • To promote, support and assist the operation of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia by providing expertise, advice, facilities and finance.
  • To assist the Award by undertaking fundraising and other activities for specified projects or events associated with the aims of the Award.

The Friends has current Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status under item number 11.2.2, section 30-95 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. It also holds a charitable fundraising authority in the State and Territories where its active in fundraising.

The Friends is governed by The Friends Board and the National Award Office provides The Friends with secretariat, administrative and financial support

The administration support is provided by the Award’s National Office and Jo Bush as the Sponsorship and Ambassador Manager.

The key supporters and sources of funds to support the Award’s projects are:

For further information on how to support the Award as a donor or sponsor refer to Supporting Us or download the Sponsor Information Pack


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