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Award Statistics

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Australian Statistics as at November 2018

Key StatisticFigure
Young people starting an Award each year.Over 26,600
Young people finishing an Award each year.Over 11,000
Young people currently engaged with the Award each year.Over 40,000
Number of adult volunteer Leaders and Activity Assessors supporting the Award each year.Approximately 60,000
Number of Award Units Delivering the Award in AustraliaOver 1,200
100% of donor funds are used to support disadvantaged young people to start and complete an Award each year.Currently funding over 2,200 disadvantaged youth
Hours of volunteering by Award Participants each year.Over 850,000 hours
Number of young people that have participated in the Award since its inception in Australia (1959).

Over 775,000

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Top 5 Award Activities in Australia

Voluntary ServicePhysical RecreationSkillAdventurous JourneyGold Residential Project
Library AssistanceSoccerCookingTrail HikingYouth Camps
Child CareNetballMusicBushwalkingExchange
CoachingTennisPianoCadet CampFrench Exchange
Surf Life SavingBasketballReadingGrade CampSports & Coaching Camps
Cadets/Youth LeadershipSwimmingDrivingHorse RidingConstruction/Community Projects


International Statistics as at November 2018*

    • In 2016, more than 1.3 million young people around the world took part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.
    • Every day, more than 1,800 young people start their Award journey.
    • In 2016, more than 340,000 young people gained an Award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.
    • In 2016, more than 140,000 young people considered marginalised or at risk took part in the Award.
    • For over sixty years, millions of young people have participated and received Awards, with millions more benefiting from its impact in communities around the world.
    • More than 200,000 volunteers support young people around the world to achieve their Award...
    • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award operates in more than 130 countries and territories around the globe

*These figures were last updated in 2016