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  • Funding Recipient goes for Gold

    Even though Reuben Whitford joined Shellharbour Anglican College later than most of his cohort, and that many of his classmates were already well underway with …

  • Australian Resident Receives Royal Recognition

    Nesha Hutchinson has been recognised as one of a select group of people worldwide to be congratulated for their outstanding support to young people through The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia.

  • Interview with Award Alumni Briony Benjamin

    We recently (virtually) sat down with Award alumni Briony Benjamin, global storyteller and author of the recently released book, Life if Tough But So Are You. The book is all about how to rise to the challenge when things go pear-shaped (or C-shaped, as they did for her). She created the book to help other people who have had a massive setback and can’t really get their head around what’s happening right now, let alone what to do next.

  • The Award's Lasting Impact

    An Interview with Award Alumni Annika Pest, on the long lasting and positive effect, that the Award’s had on her life.