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World Fellow

The World Fellowship aims to provide a stable financial foundation for the development of the International Award throughout the world. Through its support, the World Fellowship enables more young people, particularly those in less prosperous circumstances, to benefit from participating in the International Award Program.

The World Fellowship was created in 1987 to fund the work of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award International Association. There are over 300 Benefactors, Fellows, Young Fellows and members around the world, personal and corporate, who play a vital part in helping more young people to benefit from participating in the Award particularly those growing up in less prosperous countries with few other opportunities of acquiring employable skills.

The World Fellowship is a unique, high-level global network that brings together Benefactors, Fellows, Young Fellows and Members at Royal events and meetings around the world, including the World Fellowship Anniversary Dinner normally held in a London palace every June.

When an Australian commits to becoming a World Fellow they can advise the International Award Association of their wish to allocate 50% of donation to the Award in Australia.


Australian World Fellows 

Mr Peter Benson AM

Mrs Joanna Collins

Mr Haniff Kassim

Mr Robert Gerard AO

Mr Alun Legge

Mr Tony Lennon

Mr Charlie Miller OAM

The Hon. Sir Eric Neal AC CVO and Lady Joan Neal AM

Mr Clive Palmer

Mr John Pascoe AC CVO

Mr Matthew Power

Mr Warren Randall

Mr John Robinson AO

Mrs Imelda Roche AO

Mr Peter Weiss AO

Ms Carla Zampatti AC

If you are under 50 you can join the Young Fellows, a network of successful, like-minded individuals, united in their desire to ensure the sustainability of the Award. As a Young Fellow you also have the opportunity to attend exciting international social events.


Australian Young World Fellows

Mr Michael Palmer

Mr William Schoch


In Memorium

Michael Crouch AC