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The Duke of Ed Employer Program

The Duke of Ed Employer Program


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When you hire someone with an Award,

you know the kind of person you’re getting.

What is a Duke of Ed Employer?

A Duke of Ed Employer is an organisation that formally recognises that completing a Duke of Ed Award makes a young person more employable. Recognition of the Award experience helps employers to recruit and identify candidates with the skills and attributes they are looking for in an employee, reducing graduate recruitment costs and making the process more efficient.

A Duke of Ed Employer is also offered the possibility to deliver the Award as a staff development opportunity for their Gen Z employees who value employers that are seen to be nurturing the personal and career development of their staff in the workplace.

What is The Duke of Ed Difference?

According to a report from McKinsey, almost *40% of employers identify a lack of soft skills in potential recruits as the main reason for entry-level vacancies.

How can the most suitable applicants with these skills be easily identified? Look for those with ‘the Duke of Ed difference’…

No associated cost 

There is no cost associated with becoming a Duke of Ed employer, only recognition of the Award. The value of our organisation is not financial but one of increased brand recognition and positioning to encourage more young people to start their Award journey. 

What does ‘The Duke of Ed Difference’ look like?

A young person who has attained The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (The Duke of Ed or the Award) has completed one or more levels of a development program that provides them with many of the skills, behaviours and attitudes employers are looking for in new recruits such as:

  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Decision-making
  • Perseverance
  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Self-confidence
  • Citizenship
  • Resilience

Find employees that:

  • Have a broad range of experiences
  • Are active learners
  • Have soft skills
  • Can work independently and in a team.

What evidence supports this?

Both formal independent research into the Duke of Ed and anecdotal evidence from employers, universities, schools, parents and participants around the world cite The Duke of Ed as one of the most valuable and impactful
extra-curricular programs available to young people.  The value of non-formal education, in particular The Duke of Ed, in building more well-rounded people is also being recognised in addition to academic qualification by domestic and international employers and university admissions programs.

Endorsements from Duke of Ed Employers

A Duke of Ed Employer harnesses the value of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award into their recruitment and staff development programs.

From casual employees to internships, apprenticeships and graduate employment, acknowledging the Award:

.                                                          Recognises work-ready candidates: reduces cost of recruitment, identifying candidates with greater experience and skills
                                                         Furthers career development: provides a low-cost development opportunity to existing young employees.
.                                                          Builds value of brand: increased recognition by employers promotes the Award and encourages greater youth participation.

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How does my organisation become a Duke of Ed Employer?

Simply complete our online application form and once your application is approved one of our team will contact you.


Download the Duke of Ed Employer Brochure HERE

Together, we can create future generations of young Australians who are motivated and engaged citizens, equipped for life and work.