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Duke of Ed Employer Endorsements


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“Leadership, responsibility and respect for fellow citizens are important qualities we look for in our young employees. Hungry Jack’s is proud to be a ‘Duke of Ed Employer’ as we believe these valuable life skills are cultivated through participation in the Award.”

– Mr Jack Cowin, Executive Chairman, Hungry Jack’s



“Passion, integrity, respect, leadership and social responsibility are Blackmores’ core values by which we recruit, reward and recognise our employees and partners. These are the same values that are exemplified by the Duke of Edinburgh Awards which is why we are delighted and honoured to support the Duke of Edinburgh program.”

–  Blackmores


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“I believe the Duke of Edinburgh International Award cultivates the type of person with an aptitude to go that extra mile, a trait shown by successful employees the world over. Essential life skills instilled from an early age can only elevate the chances of a bright and successful future.”

– Mr Damian Boyle, Managing Director, Compact Home Lifts




 “Having the right people in our business is critical to its success and sustainability. Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award participants understand personal and collective commitment to goals and therefore make the transition from study to work extremely well.”

– Mr Tom Mould AO, Managing Director, Trade Glass Depot/Aqua Vista Glass







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“I’m so proud to be a Duke of Ed Employer because these young people take massive action to improve themselves whilst improving their local communities. To successfully complete the program, these graduates associate with positive, can do people, they become expansive in their thinking, they learn to see wider, further and deeper than others. The program exposes them to the power of leadership which is a must-have for any successful organisation.”

– Sarina Russo, Founder & Managing Director, Sarina Russo Group


“Completing The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a strong independent signal that a student has these (particular) attributes and skills, which means they arrive at university with a head start on their peers. We can be confident that these students are not only the type of people we want as part of the La Trobe community, but they will be strong candidates for future employers.”

– Professor John Dewar, Vice-Chancellor, La Trobe University

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“New World Whisky Distillery is proud to support the “Duke of Ed Employer” program. We have seen in our company how successful participation in the Award develops the very best of qualities and skills in young people and strongly endorse the value that they can bring to employers and the community at large.” 

– Andrew Macdonald, CEO, Starward New World Whisky Distillery Pty Ltd


“Generosity, value, open communication and collaboration are the values that HMW Group recruit to. We reward and recognise our employees who demonstrate these values and believe these are the same values exemplified by the Duke of Ed Employer program”.

– Susan Litherland, HR Advisor, HMW Group


“PCYC QLD believes that obtaining any level of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award demonstrates personal qualities such as perseverance, versatility and civic responsibility. We highly value these life skills in our potential employees and are therefore proud to be a Duke of Ed Employer.”

– Phil Schultz, CEO, PCYC Queensland


“Respect, pride and integrity are core beliefs that we hold in our business. Davison Earthmovers are extremely proud to be involved in the Duke of Ed Awards and believe that the young people that have participated and achieved the Duke of Ed Awards display the same qualities.”

– Paul Davison, CEO, Davison Earthmovers


“ResourceCo is passionate about employing young people that understand the importance of commitment and hard work which is what The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award symbolises.”

– Hannah Davis, Marketing Manager, ResourceCo

 etiko-logo (1) “Award Holders of The Duke of Edinburgh reflects the core values of our business; respect, diversity, community awareness and courage. Etiko is a proud supporter of The Duke of Ed Awards.”

– Nick Savaidis, Owner and Director, Etiko

“Resilience, excellence and integrity are part of BUSY at Work’s core values. Qualities that are also shared by participants in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. We are proud and excited to support this wonderful program.”

– Mr Paul Miles, Managing Director, The BUSY Group 


“Ahrens recognises the commitment, initiative and integrity the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award instils in young people, as it is these same valuable qualities that we embrace and cultivate in our employees. We are proud to be a Duke of Ed Employer and supporting future generations to be motivated and engaged citizens.”

– Stefan Ahrens, Managing Director, Ahrens group Pty Ltd



“I am really impressed at the calibre of humans coming from the Duke of Ed Award. Our whole vision and mission is around creating sustainable and inclusive communities which really aligns with people who do The Duke of Ed.”

– Jenna Leo, CEO, Homecare Heroes

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“As a Capital City Council, we are proud to support a program that equips young people with valuable life skills and helps them become motivated and engaged members of our community.”

– Mark Goldstone, CEO, City of Adelaide

“Teaching a young person life skills such as communication, listening, empathy, and making positive and meaningful contribution are attributes very much aligned with Youngster.co mission. We are delighted to be part of The Duke of Ed Employer program and are looking forward to welcoming participants to help seniors with technology challenges. .”

– Tony Rothacker, Director, Youngster.co




”The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a way young people can learn about friendship, discover mentors and hopefully find what they love doing.  We hope we can collaborate more to make sure future young people are  happier and effective”

     – Jerry & Tim Tyrell, Founders, Survival


“The Duke of Edinburgh Award provides a fantastic platform for young people to contribute to their local community and develop new skills and abilities. From the perspective of an employer, the award provides a great indication of past                 achievements and an individual’s capabilities”

-Billy Blackett, Founder & Director