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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award contributes to the personal development of young Australians through each of the Award Sections, with the Physical Recreation component encouraging Participants to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

A Duke 4Sport partnership creates a link between the Physical Recreation Section of the Award, the Voluntary Service Section of the Award and sporting activities already undertaken by the Award Participants belonging to the Dukes 4Sport club.

By becoming a Duke 4Sport partner, clubs and associations will not only have the opportunity to assist and deliver a globally recognised Award, but will also enhance their ability to attract and retain players, as well as securing regular and ongoing volunteers that will be hugely
beneficial to the club.

Join the Award as a Duke 4Sport partner today and help us inspire more young people live an active, healthy and rewarding lifestyle!

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Current Duke 4Sport Partners




“Our partnership with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award aligns extremely well with the values of Rugby Union, and the proud history our sport has in developing people of strong character and leadership within our community. We believe the Award helps develop discipline, teamwork, communication and social skills, furthering those skills and others developed in rugby. By delivering the award to our young people, this partnership will help us deliver our mission to care, connect and unify our sport, by encouraging leadership and service amongst our rugby schools, clubs and communities”

Andrew Hore, CEO, NSW Rugby Union


“Surf Life Saving NSW believes that the everyday actions of our members change lives, build stronger communities and create great Australians. We are committed to providing our members with skills and experiences which equip them not only to contribute to their clubs and communities but also to develop personally and help them to realise their potential. With its focus on youth development and youth empowerment, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is one of the tools that is assisting us to realise our goals for young people in the organisation. We are proud to be a Duke4Sport partner.”

Steven Pearce AFSM, CEO, Surf Life Saving NSW



“NSW Rugby League are proud to partner with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The combined effort through sport within the framework of one of the world’s leading youth programs is instrumental in producing the next generation of young leaders with the required skills in navigating life’s challenges in today’s world.”

David Trodden, CEO, NSW Rugby League


 “We are very proud to be associated with the Duke 4 Sport Partnership. Dancesport Confidence instills the values laid out in the Duke of Ed Award. Resilience, commitment and confidence are all part of our growth.”

Gordan Gilkies President,  Dancesport Confidence

“Igniting the fire of achievement in a sport can be achieved through the values of persistence, self-confidence, and resilience.  This is what the partnership with Dancesport offers.”

Gordan Gilkies President,  DanceSport Australia


 “Gymnastics Australia is committed to providing opportunities for our athletes to remain in the sport as coaches and officials. The Duke 4Sport initiative is an excellent vehicle for GA to achieve their strategic goal to grow our volunteer workforce by offering opportunities for our young coaches and officials to develop important life skills that will benefit them in their involvement with gymnastics and their interactions with our community. Gymnastics Australia is a proud partner of the Duke 4Sport initiative and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

Bradley Low, Senior Manager, Education and Sport, Gymnastics Australia


 “HOOPS 4 Life is proud to be part of the Duke 4Sport initiative. We have always searched for a way of accrediting the learnings our young people achieve through our club and now are able to do this.  Delivering the Award our young people and the broader community enables HOOPS 4 Life to share the message of sports, community and service. We have found this in our partnership with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and can see the growth and development in our young people because of it. Every club should aim to become a Duke 4Sport partner as it offers a framework to accredit and map the development of young people through sports.”

Tony Moore, President & Founder, HOOPS 4 Life Basketball Inc.



“NSW Fencing shares a common ideal with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – to encourage young men and women to aim high, give their best and use their talents and time to help others. Fencing encourages young people to be focussed and determined while embracing the values of courtesy and respect traditional to our sport. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards offers a pathway for young fencers to contribute to the wider community through volunteer effort.”

Kaye Mahoney, President, NSW Fencing Association



“Northern Suburbs Little Athletics Centre has a proud history of providing avenues for our athletes, volunteers and their families to build on their interest in athletics on, and off, the track. We are thrilled to be able to partner with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award to give our community another opportunity to build on their life skills and experience under the guidance of our committed and highly experienced volunteers, coaches and officials. As a Duke 4Sport partner we are better placed to promote little athletics values of: fun, fitness, the development of skills, building character, self-esteem, and fostering good sportsmanship.”

Richard Butler, President, Northern Suburbs Little Athletics Centre


“At West Torrens Birkalla we believe that our role in supporting young people in sports goes beyond the health and fitness benefits that come with playing football. Communication skills, teamwork, leadership, coping with winning and losing, are all life skills we believe make great footballers, and even better people. We are proud to partner with and support The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award as a way to complement the skills gained in sport.”

Amin Ayoubi, Chairman, West Torrens Birkalla Soccer Club

  “Australian Taekwondo seeks to support members of all levels to reach their highest potential, whether it be their enjoyment of the martial art or with their competitive achievement. Partnering with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award provides a great opportunity for our community to further develop their skills especially in the areas of teamwork, leadership and service benefitting the Taekwondo and wider communities’.

Australian Taekwondo

  The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award like the School Sport SA program understand the importance of empowering youth to achieve to their highest potential. Both endeavour to make authentic connections with the wider community intrinsically linking education and sport (physical recreation, adventurous journey, skills and voluntary service) and providing a breath of quality experiences for young people. The partnership through the Duke 4Sport initiative will strengthen opportunities to improve engagement and well-being for students in South Australian schools.

Paula Nielsen, Team Leader, Department for Education – School Sport SA

  We are excited to be part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Internation Award- Australia and to be given the opportunity to formalise the lines of service and activity that our members have completed as part of their Duke of Ed over the years. NSNA believe that the life skills the Duke of Ed promote and nurture – community service, teamwork, commitment and being active are all the qualities we would hope are found by being part of netball whether as a coach, player, umpire or general volunteer. The opportunity to also provide this program to not only those who have access to it through their schools but also those who don’t is very exciting for us.

Northern Suburbs Netball Association

  Australian Sailing are proud to partner with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The intent of the Award aligns closely with so many facets of our sport, whether it be learning to sail, adventure sailing, or becoming an accredited instructor, coach of official and then volunteering at a Club. The values we strive for in Sailing are resilience, respect and trust, responsibility and resourcefulness. These values shine through the Duke of Edinburgh Award and via this partnership, we hope we can assist in developing the next generation of leaders.

Chris Tate, Head of Programs and People, Australian Sailing

  As the peak body for sport in the state, Sport NSW is proud to support The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and recommend it to sporting organisations large and small. Sport survives and thrives thanks to the invaluable efforts of volunteers. The Award helps young people build important life skills through volunteer involvement in sport, whilst developing positive values and a sense of service to the community. Sport NSW encourages all sporting organisations to become involved, to support the emerging leaders taking part and to continue the all-important tradition of volunteer contribution to sport.

Darren Simpson, CEO, Sport NSW

Surfing NSW purpose is to create a healthier and happier Australia by enriching communities through surfing. We facilitate the sporting & officiating pathway and encourage everyone to get involved through our events, programs and courses. We are committed to growing an inclusive and active community and support our athletes to become the world’s best surfers and people. We envision much growth in the workforce as surfing makes its first Olympics debut in 2020 and a goal is to continue to promote the surfing lifestyle and engage those who live and breath the sport. Surfing NSW creates innovative opportunities for those who are most passionate about the sport to remain in the sport and develop skills that will benefit their own skillset and engage with the
community up and down the coast of NSW. Surfing NSW is stoked to partner with the Duke 4Sport initiative and look forward to the relationshipLuke Madden, CEO, Surfing NSW


Swimming NSW are proud to partner with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and Duke4Sport program. We are committed to providing opportunities for young people to use the many facets of our sport as a vehicle to develop the skills and values that are the embodiment of The Duke of Edinburgh International Award.
Swimming NSW recognise that this partnership will provide a broad pathway for young people to become future leaders and become instruments for positive change and innovation.Vihn Tran, Sport Development and Participation Manager,Swimming NSW
The NSW Touch Association is delighted to be participating with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award to provide leadership opportunities to our network. Our next general of sport and community leaders can only benefit from such a prestigious program.
Dean Russel, General Manager, NSW Touch Football
NSW Deaf Sports are proud to be partner with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The Duke4Sport initiative is an excellent vehicle for Deaf Sports to achieve their goal to grow our volunteer base and to provide opportunities for the young players/officials. Duke4Sport will also help to develop interactions within Deaf community and, also to build up our relationship with hearing participants who are keen to learn about Auslan sign language and Deaf Culture. We are looking forward to having a long and beneficial relationship with Duke4Sport.

David Larkin, Chair – NSW Deaf Sports

Reclink Australia’s vision is rebuilding the lives of disadvantaged young people through recreational sport. Our partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award will enable the young people to experience community, outdoor adventure, build leadership skills,teamwork, and life-enhancing values.
John Ballis CEO, Reclink Australia
Wanneroo City F.C. is pleased to be partnering with such a prestigious organisation.”

Dean Bell, President, Wanneroo City FC




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