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Duke 4Sport is a free partnership that connects young people aged 14 to 24 completing their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award with sporting clubs and organisations. Duke 4Sport partners can attract young players and volunteers by providing opportunities for Participants to complete their Physical Recreation, Skills and Voluntary Service sections of the Award.

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Partnership benefits

A Duke 4Sport Partner increases their ability to recruit and retain players and encourages players to become club volunteers. This creates a pathway for players to be further inspired, committed and of service.

Reach more than 14,000 young people across NSW who participate in the Award annually.

Attract new young players and volunteers.

Retain existing young players and volunteers.

Provide additional value to your young members by developing their teamwork, goal setting, perseverance and leadership skills.

What is a Duke 4Sport partner?

A Duke 4Sport Partner is a sporting organisation that is looking to enhance and strengthen their code by aligning with the Award and its values as an internationally recognised program and the development opportunities it provides for young people. 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award contributes to the personal development of young people through each of the Award Sections, with the Physical Recreation section encouraging Award Participants to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

No cost associated

 There is no cost associated with becoming a Duke 4Sport Partner, only recognition of the Award as your partner.

The value of our Duke 4Sport partnership is not financial but one of increased engagement of young people in your sport through via the Award program. The commitment of becoming a Duke 4Sport Partner is initially 2 years.

Get your players to volunteer for your club. 

A Duke 4Sport Partnership creates a link between the Physical Recreation Section of the Award & the Voluntary Service Section of the Award.

By becoming a Duke 4Sport partner, clubs and associations will not only have the opportunity to assist and deliver a globally recognised Award, but will also enhance their ability to attract and retain players, as well as securing regular and ongoing volunteers that will be hugely beneficial to the club.

Join the Award as a Duke 4Sport partner today and help us inspire more young people live an active, healthy and rewarding lifestyle! Simply complete our online application form, once your application is approved one of our team will contact you.

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Duke 4Sport Brochure and Flyer


Current Duke 4Sport Partners

“NSW Rugby League are proud to partner with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The combined effort through sport within the framework of one of the world’s leading youth programs is instrumental in producing the next generation of young leaders with the required skills in navigating life’s challenges in today’s world ”

David Trodden, CEO NSW Rugby League.

Apply here to become a Duke 4Sport Partner


Duke 4Sport Brochure and Flyer