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Award Friends

Award Friends

Help change the life of a disadvantaged young Australian from as little as $240 per annum or $20 per month

How Does Your Support Help?

They are unaware of their own potential and unable to see the possibilities that exist for them beyond their personal situations.

What young people get from the Award experience – the skills to think in different ways, confidence and enthusiasm, interpersonal skills, a set of values that build character and a sense of purpose, resilience, and practical (often vocational) skills – helps to unlock that potential.

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Sandy                                      Philip sailing                                    ngarijian

15 year old Sandy cares for her mother who has physical and mental disabilities as well as her two younger brothers. Struggling to pay the rent and bills on time Sandy thought doing the Duke of Ed was never going to be an option for her, however, thanks to the financial support she received she has now completed her Bronze Award. Philip is a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award Holder and from doing the Duke of Ed has realised that his potential to do anything is limitless. “I have learnt that there are a whole heap more skills and abilities that I am capable of” said Philip. People’s expectations of him have shot through the roof and as a result, he is now involved in so many activities and willing to take on any challenge that comes his way. When Ngarijian finished school she had no passion for anything, generally just sat at home on the Couch. Dukes’ was the one thing that kept her occupied and healthy. “I had no sense of who I was or wanted to be and where I wanted to go with life. Dukes has changed my outlook on life and has opened my eyes to the importance of my culture and keeping it alive”.

Help support all young people to do the Award, no matter their circumstances…To date, we have been able to fund over 4,000 young people with outstanding results and a clear message that the Award changes lives and delivers a real social impact. The Award Friends giving program provides funding for disadvantaged young people to complete their Award and change their life’s direction.

Help change the life of a disadvantaged young Australian from as little as $240 per annum or $20 per month.

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