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Scott Green from Muscular Dystrophy NSW began his Award Journey in 2015, completing his Silver Award in 2018 and now taking on the challenge of the Gold Award.

Scott has been exposed to many new experiences through his Award including gardening and maintaining a raised garden bed, scrapbooking and exploring Auckland in New Zealand, but it was his Voluntary Service activity that had the biggest impact on him.

For his Voluntary Service Section of the Award, Scott wanted to help raise awareness about bullying and exclusion at school, revealing his belief that “victims of bullying rarely speak about their experiences”. Scott decided to create a video for his Voluntary Service activity to be used as a space where he and his peers could talk about their experiences in the hope that it would encourage more young people in the wider community to feel comfortable to open up about bullying. He also hoped that his video would encourage more support, understanding and inclusion for young people experiencing bullying. Scott reflects,

“The video made people with disabilities talk about their experiences and I felt great helping others! I would recommend the Award to everyone as it makes you learn new things, have something to achieve and to push yourself to new heights.”

Click below to take a look at Scott's video!

This year (2019), Scott will be going to Denmark for four and a half months in August. He be studying at an adult school and researching independent living housing for people with disabilities to hopefully get something up and running in Australia when he returns. Scott will be doing this as part his of Adventurous Journey and Gold Residential Project Sections.