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In September, eight Bronze Participants from Moama Anglican Grammar completed the Virtual Bronze Exploration (VBE) as their Adventurous Journey

What is the VBE?

The VBE is currently a temporary concession to help Award Participants overcome the challenges arising from COVID-19, the VBE allows Participants to satisfy their Adventurous Journey component virtually.

The Bronze Award Participants from Moama completed their preparation and training as well as ‘hiking’ tracks all online, they even managed to do it as a team by working together from multiple locations. For the Physical Recreation requirement, Participants cycled and walked across the border of NSW and VIC (requiring masks for their ride as they entered VIC). To make their journey as authentic as possible they even cooked their lunch on trangias like they would have on a normal overnight AJ.

The Award Leader who helped them: Kim McFadden. was thankful for the flexibility of the Award as it allowed two Year 12 students to complete their Award before leaving school.

“The VBE was a very interesting experience. Although different from a regular Adventurous Journey, in many ways it was more difficult. We had such a range of Participants in the group, it was great to see them working together”.