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  Dear whom this may concern,

I am writing on behalf of my school to thank you for your generous grant that has allowed myself, and many other students to complete our bronze award as part of your Duke of Edinburgh program.

In the beginning of this year, my school had the pleasure to introduce the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award program for the bronze award for our year 9 students for the first time. This was to be an exciting and challenging experience for my younger peers to learn to set goals and accomplish them. It was so exciting, that I too, wanted to take part of the adventure.

Though I was hesitant; you see, I am a young carer of my mother who has physical and mental disabilities. I also have two younger brothers, whom I have cared for since the age of 10. I manage all aspects of the home, particularly when my mother is in the hospital; things like cooking and cleaning, and working long hours in order to pay all the rent and bills on time.

I had all my forms signed and was ready to start my bronze award, when my Duke of Edinburgh's Award Leader told me about the costs, and I had no choice but to let this opportunity go. I was very disappointed and knew I would miss out on a journey of a lifetime. That was until about a week later, I was approached by my Award Leader and everything changed. He told me the Duke of Edinburgh program had generously granted the school funds to assist in the financial side of things. I WAS SO OVER THE MOON!

And now having completed my bronze award, I can confidently express that this adventure was indeed a journey of a lifetime. It has helped me create meaningful friendships with my younger peers (which is outstanding as now I am school captain), it has pushed me outside my comfort zone to created my persevering young adult of good character and encouraged my newfound appreciation for hiking and exploring Australia.

quotation marks 2To conclude, I can not express in words as to how thankful I am, so thank you and I hope you continue to inspire young people to reach their goals.

Yours thankfully S  

sandy ng


The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Australia through the generosity of our financial supporters’ endeavours to ensure the Award program is available and accessible to every young Australian aged 14-24 regardless of their location or circumstances. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia may be able to provide financial support to individual Participants (via their Award Unit) and Award Units directly in supporting young people to undertake and complete the Award in Australia. Information on our current funding programs are outlined HERE