Insurance obligations of the Award Centre – Dukeofed

Insurance obligations of the Award Centre

  1. Each Award Centre must keep current at all times the following:
    (a) insurance policies for the benefit of all Award Program Participants (as a minimum): (1) Public & Product Liability insurance with a minimum cover of $20,000,000 ($20 million) for any one incident or series of incidents arising from one event for public liability and in the aggregate for the year in respect to product liability
    (b) Personal Accident insurance covering all Participants and Volunteers (paid or unpaid) in relation to Award Program activities, for a minimum aggregate limit of $3,000,000 and Death & Capital Benefits limit of $150,000; and
    (c) such Workers Compensation insurance(s) as is required by law in the State or Territory of operation of the Award Program.
  2. The Award Centre’s Public and Product Liability Insurance policy must note the interests of the NAO.
  3. On the Commencement Date, and on each anniversary of the Commencement Date during the Term, the Award Centre must provide written evidence to the AOA that the Award Centre holds the insurance cover as stated above, unless the Award Centre is named (or is covered under the insurance policies of an organisation that is named) in the list of insured Award Centres pre-approved by the Award.
  4. In the event of the Award Centre being unable to comply with any of the obligations above, the Award Centre must immediately notify the AOA in writing.
  5. Without limiting the Award Centre’s obligations in the licence agreement, if an activity that is proposed to be undertaken by a Participant could reasonably be considered ‘high’ risk, then the Award Centre must inform the Participant (and the Participant’s Parent/Guardian if the Participant is under 18 years) that the onus of responsibility is on the Participant (and the Participant’s Parent/Guardian if the Participant is under 18 years) to check the activity is covered under their Award Centre’s insurance policy or if required by the Award Centre to take out separate insurance in relation to these ‘high’ risk activities.