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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia (the Award) requires Award Centres to have insurance cover for all Participants and Volunteers. Insurance obligations of the Award Centre as referenced in the Award Centre Licence Agreement. This includes both personal accident and public liability insurance.  In addition the National Award Authority maintains a further insurance policy for Participants and Volunteers that acts as an umbrella cover.

The NAO certificate of currency and insurance schedules outlining coverage, geographical limits and limitations of liability or cover is available on this website (see link below). It is important to regularly review the NAO’s insurance certificates and schedules as they are updated annually. Participants, their families and Volunteers need to refer to their Award Centre for further details.

If activities undertaken are considered to be in a ‘ high’ risk category by your Award Centre, then the onus of responsibility is on the participant or guardian to check their activity is covered under their Award Centre’s insurance policy or if required by the Award Centre to take our separate insurance in relation to these ‘high’ risk activities.

The NAO does not itself have nominated ‘high’ risk activities, as stated it is up to the Participant or Guardian to check their activity is covered under their Award Centre.

For any incident or accident, an Incident Report form is required to be completed in conjunction with the Participants and Volunteers Award Centre and a copy forwarded to your State/Territory Award Operating Authority as soon as possible.

Incident Report Form

NAO’s Certificates of Currency

Award Centres – Group Personal Accident Insurance Application

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia arranges a Group Personal Accident insurance policy (“the Policy”). The Policy is for Award Centres that require top-up cover, for any gap in coverage limits between the coverage limit provided under the Award Centre’s policy and the coverage limits stipulated in the sub-license agreement.

Upon acceptance of the Award Centre into the Policy (and payment towards policy cost), the Policy can, upon request, cover the Participants and Voluntary Workers of Award Centres where they are undertaking activities relating to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program.

Should your Award Centre wish to apply to be included under this Policy, please complete the Group Personal Accident Insurance Application form.

Insurance Inquiry Form

If you would like someone in our team to contact you regarding Public Liability Insurance or any other Insurance inquiry, please submit an Insurance Inquiry Form below: