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Participant FAQ’s

Who do I pay the Duke of Edinburgh’s registration fee to?

You will need to pay your fees to your school/organisation before you start your Award. Please speak to your Award Leader for instructions on how to do this.
Please also refer to Registering to do your Award.

I have registered online but I no longer want to participate. Can I receive a refund?

Refunds for Participants who withdraw from the Award will not be provided unless exceptional circumstances exist and an official request for consideration is received in writing from your Award Leader and submitted via your Award Operating Authority (AOA). If the refund is approved, this will be provided less related administration costs.

Do I need to get permission from my parents and school/organisation to do my Award?

If you are under the age of 18 you will need to get permission from your parent/guardian to do your Award. There are two ways you can do this

  • Enter their email address when you complete your Participant Registration online. Your parent/guardian will receive an email asking them to provide their consent, or
  • Get your parent/guardian to complete and sign the Parent/Guardian Consent - Section 2 of the Participant Application Form - U18. This completed form must be returned to your Award Leader.
Do I need to be accepted by my Award Leader before I start any Duke of Ed related activities?

Yes, your Award Leader must accept you as Participant before you start any of your Duke of Ed activities. This is usually after you have registered your interest via the Online Record Book (ORB), got your parent/guardian’s consent (via Section 2 - Parent/Guardian Consent in the Participant Application Form - U18 , or through the ORB), completed any school/organisation permission form (if required), and paid your fees.

Can I change from one activity to another?

You do not have to undertake the same activity for the entire required time (especially if you are doing an activity for six months or more). You may choose, for example, two activities such as a winter sport followed by a summer sport that can spilt over the required time. Remember if you change Assessors you will need to notify your Award Leader as soon as possible.

Can I take a break during my Award?

Yes, you can take a break in any of your activities, if you need to. Remember you will need to make up for the time you have missed during the break. For example, if you have completed two months of a six month Section, and you have a one month break because of exams, you just need to complete the remaining four months after your exams.

How different do my activities need to be for each Section?

To encourage balance in your Award, you should attempt to pick activities that are not too similar to each other. For example if you are passionate about rugby league you can play in a team for your Physical Recreation and volunteer with your local club e.g. fundraise for the club or assist in the canteen. Remember that the Award is designed to stretch you, so try to select activities and set goals that challenge you in different ways.

Do I have to know what my activities will be for each Section before I can start my Award?

It is recommended that you provide details of your Award activities in a Participant's Award Plan, available from the Participant Resource Library. However, if you have not finalised all details for a Section activity, you can still start the other Sections and provide these details at a later date. Remember your Assessors will need to be approved by your Award Leader before you start any Duke of Ed related activities with them.

Do school or work activities count?

Award activities should be done mostly in your own free time. You should not be paid for any activities that you will count towards your Duke of Ed.

Can I do my Award along with Scouts / Surf Life Saving / Cadets etc.?

Yes, if you are already involved with an organisation you can count the activities you do with them towards your Duke of Ed Award.

I am already doing an activity; can I do the same activity for my Duke of Ed?

You can continue with an activity you were doing before you started your Duke of Ed. For example, if you have been playing a musical instrument you can keep on doing this, however you cannot count what you did before you started your Duke of Ed.

I missed an Adventurous Journey that my school/organisation arranged, what should I do?

If you missed or could not attend an Adventurous Journey you will need to speak to your Award Leader to arrange a suitable alternative.
Remember, all Participants must:

  • Ensure they discuss and get approval from their Award Leader prior to undertaking Adventurous Journeys. This includes all Practice Journeys and all Qualifying Journeys.
  • Obtain written parent/guardian consent prior to departing on each journey (if they are under the age of 18).
How do I get an Assessor for my activities?

You will need to arrange an experienced and/or qualified adult to act as an Assessor for each activity. You may already know this person or they may be someone completely new to you. The best way to ask them to be your Assessor is to contact them in person or by phone. Alternatively you can speak to your Duke of Ed Award Leader to check if they know someone who can act as your Assessor. Your Award Leader must approve your Assessors before you start any Duke of Ed activities with them.

Does my Assessor have to be with me every time I engage in my regular activities?

Your Assessors do not have to be with you each time you engage in your regular activities i.e. they may check in with you every two to four weeks via phone or email to see how you are progressing. They may also track your progress via the Online Record Book (ORB) or NSW Offline Records.

Do I have to arrange all my Assessors before I start my Award?

It is recommended that you have all your Assessors approved by your Award Leader before you start your Award. However, if you have not finalised an Assessor for a Section, you can still start the other Sections as long as the Assessors have been approved by your Award Leader.

I have already started my Award but I want to change my level?

You are encouraged to complete the Award level you have started. However should you need to change levels, please firstly discuss the extra requirements and fee with your Award Leader and then contact the state/territory office about the change.

Who can I contact if I am having difficulties with the ORB?

You can contact the Online Record Book Helpdesk on 8280 8600 (Option 1) or

How do I receive my Award?

Please refer to Completing your Award information.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password to the Online Record Book (ORB)? (