Parents & Guardians FAQ’s – Dukeofed

Parents & Guardians FAQ’s

My son/daughter missed the Adventurous Journey being run by the school/organisation, what can they do?

If your son/daughter missed or could not attend their Adventurous Journey they will need to speak to their Award Leader to see if the school/organisation is running any other Journeys that may be suitable. They may be able to provide you with information about Outdoor Education Providers who can deliver Adventurous Journey options for your son/daughter.

Remember, Participants must:

  1. Ensure they discuss and get approval from their Award Leader prior to undertaking Adventurous Journeys. This includes all Practice Journeys and all Qualifying Journeys.
  2. Obtain written parent/guardian consent prior to departing on each journey (if they are under the age of 18)
My son/daughter is doing a team/individual Physical Recreation activity and I am the coach, who can act as their Assessor?

They will need to arrange another experienced and/or qualified adult to be their Assessor. This may be another coach or the club/organisations manager.

How do I give permission for my son/daughter to do their Duke of Ed

Participants under the age of 18 will need to get permission from their parent/guardian to do their Award. This can be done one of two ways:

  1. Participants enter their parent's/guardian's email address when they complete their Participant Registration via the Online Record Book (ORB). Parents/guardians will then receive an email asking them to provide their consent online, or
  2. Parents/guardians complete and sign the Parent/Guardian Consent - Section 2 of the Participant Application Form - U18. This completed form must be returned to the Participant’s Award Leader.
Can I be an Assessor for my son/daughter or brother/sister?

In most circumstances, Assessor(s) should not be immediate family members. This is to maintain the integrity of The Award. Alternate Assessor options may include:

  • cooking (Skill Section) - Food Technology teacher
  • reading (Skill Section) – English teacher
  • fitness (Physical Recreation Section) – Health and Physical Education teacher
  • if a parent is the Participant’s sport coach (Physical Recreation Section) – PE teacher

The Participant’s Award Leader can also act as an Assessor if an alternative Assessor cannot be found.

Who do I pay the Duke of Edinburgh’s registration fee to?

You will need to pay your fees to your school/organisation before you start your Award. Please speak to your Award Leader for instructions on how to do this. Please also refer to Registering to do your Award.