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Award Leaders & Centres FAQ’s


I want to run the Award in my school/organisation, what do I need to do?

To run The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in your school/organisation you will need to apply to become an Award Centre and nominate an Award Leader.

If you’d like to know how to become an Award Centre, you need to contact your State/Territory Award Operating Authority – see process below or Register your interest in becoming an Award Centre by completing the Award Centre Registration (register a new account as an “Award Centre”) via the Online Record Book 

The Award Leader must then agree to comply with the requirements. You can view the roles and responsibilities here. Relevant application form and payment must be returned to the State Division. Upon successful application an Award Leader Resources information pack will be sent to you to assist you in getting The Duke of Ed up and running in your school/organisation.

I am no longer the Duke of Ed Award Leader at my school/organisation, what do I need to do?

Please notify your State Division.

What should I do if I am not experienced and/or qualified to act as an Adventurous Journey Supervisor?

You may like to consider hiring a qualified and experienced Outdoor Guide, or outsourcing your Adventurous Journey to an Outdoor Education Provider. Some Outdoor Education Providers are familiar with the Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey requirements and can offer you various options dependent on your Participant’s Award level and outdoor background. You can do an internet search to find Outdoor Education Providers in your area. REMEMBER: The Outdoor Education Provider MUST comply with the Adventurous Journey requirements as outlined in the current National Duke of Ed Handbook. Please also ensure the Outdoor Education Provider complies with the Risk Management standards and requirements of your school/organisation.
Remember, Participants must:

  • Ensure they discuss and get approval from their Award Leader prior to undertaking Adventurous Journeys (this includes all Practice Journeys and all Qualifying Journeys).
  • Obtain written parent/guardian consent prior to departing on each journey (if they are under the age of 18)
How do I archive Participants?

To place an account to "Archive" please check this screenshot:


Go to the participant's account page. Click Active - click Archived button.

To search for previous accounts placed under "Archived". Click the tab "Browse current Level" then click participants. Place a tick mark on the box for "include closed" then sort the first name column of the participants by clicking it and it will show under the status column the accounts that are currently active and archived.