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Assessor FAQ’s

Do I need to be with the Participant each time they engage in their activity?

The frequency of the contact and monitoring between the Participant and the Assessor will depend on the activity and the age/level of independence of the Participant. As a guide every 2-4 weeks may be appropriate.

How do I assess Participants Activities?

The Participant records their activities in their Online Record Book (ORB) and will then print off a summary and present this to you for completion. The Participant will then scan and upload this Summary/Report to their ORB.

What do I do if a Participant has not met the requirements for their Section e.g. they have not engaged in the activity over the required number of months or shown commitment and improvement, or achieved their goal?

There is no such thing as failure in the Duke of Ed. If a Participant has not met the requirements of a Section, the Assessor should discuss their concerns with the Participant. The Participant should then be encouraged to finish the requirements of that Section.

Do I need to be approved by the Participant’s Award Leader before being able to assess their activity?

Yes, all Assessors must be approved by the Participant's Award Leader before you start any Duke of Ed activities with them.