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Activity Provider Directory


Organisations that deliver activities and services to young people, which may be suitable for The Duke of Ed, are regarded as ‘Activity Providers’.

The Directory is a non-exhaustive list of Activity Providers designed as a resource to support Award Participants and Award Leaders identify some organisations that deliver different services to young people, where a young person might use these services for their Award.

Organisations are not required to be on the Directory to deliver activities and services to young people that might be used for their Award.

The Directory simply contributes to the ‘search’ by Award Participants and Award Leaders for different suitable activities.



Being included on the Directory means the Activity Provider has met all the base conditions to be listed on the Directory determined by a check and annual review undertaken by the National Office. It does not involve continuous monitoring of the Activity Provider

This initial check and annual review is part of a due diligence process. The primary function of the check and annual review is to ensure the Activity Provider is familiar with The Duke of Ed and readily understands its program requirements and conditions, as it relates to the services the organisation provides.

When listed on the Directory, it means the National Office has checked that:

1 The Activity Provider is a legal entity;

2 The Activity Provider has a working knowledge of the Award and its requirements – this involves reference checks with Award Centres who have used the Activity Provider’s services for a young person’s Award, as well as requiring the Activity Provider complete Award Leader Level 1 Training;

3 The Activity Provider has been providing services to Award Participants for several years.

4 The Activity Provider complies with Working With Children/Keeping Children Safe requirements;

5 The Activity Provider signs the Volunteer Code of Conduct either as individuals or on behalf of the organisation in whole; and

6 The Activity Provider has insurance, generally public liability insurance

This check does not include verifying the financial stability or adequacy of insurance coverage of the Activity Provider.

Inclusion on the Directory is not an accreditation or endorsement. This means the Award Centre is still responsible for assessing the suitability of the Activity and the Activity Provider for its Award Participants.



The primary function of the Directory is to assist Award Centres, Award Participants and their parents/guardians source Activity Providers that have a clear understanding of the Award.

The Award Centre is an entity licensed to deliver the Award to young people and is run by an Award Leader/Award Coordinator. The Award Centre is responsible for authorising all activities for its young people used for an Award. The Award Centre also authorises the Assessor for each Section of the Award. This Assessor may be from the Activity Provider, but this is not a requirement.

This means the Award Leader must still undertake the checks and due diligence required by the Award and the Award Centre prior to authorising an activity for a Participant.

The Award Leader has the final say on the suitability and relevance of an activity and an Activity Provider for their Award Participants for the purposes of the Award. Inclusion on the Directory does not override the determination of an Award Leader.

An important note: Participants or their parent/guardian must first have the authorisation of the Award Centre/Award Leader before booking an activity with an Activity Provider. This is regardless of whether or not the organisation is included on this Directory.

When booking an activity, such as an expedition, the Award Centre and in turn the Participant and/or their parent/guardian is responsible for evaluating the health and safety, and suitability of the activity being provided as it is a private contract with the Activity Provider.



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