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Networking Events

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Duke of Ed Award Leaders provide invaluable experiences and sometimes life-changing opportunities for Participants of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. We understand that this is not without its challenges however, and you are often operating independently from other Award Units around you. To this end, we endeavor to run Networking Events which will enable you to share Duke of Ed ideas and resources, and gather information regarding current Best Practice (as well as a few tips and tricks to help your programs run smoother and easier).

Networking Events provide a valuable opportunity to meet with like minded Award Leaders to discuss and share experiences and identify opportunities to collaborate and build networks.

Award Leader Networking Events

For more information, please contact the NSW DIVISION office.


For more information please contact the SOUTH AUSTRALIA office.



For more information please contact the AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY office.


For more information please contact the QUEENSLAND office.

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In order to provide more assistance and support for all our dedicated and amazingly hard-working Award Leaders, we have created a digital Award Leader Hub

The Hub is designed as peer to peer communications channel, providing an accessible way for Award Leaders to share expertise and resources among each other. It's our hope that by leveraging each other’s knowledge and experience, Award Leaders will be able to have an even greater impact in delivering the Award.

To join the HUB please visit the Duke of Ed FB page and click on “GROUPS” on the left-hand side selection menu.


For more information please contact the VICTORIAN office.

For more information please contact the WESTERN AUSTRALIA office.

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For more information please contact the TASMANIAN office.