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Gold Award Ceremonies

The Award Operating Authority (State/Territory offices) holds ceremonies for Participants who have achieved their Gold Award.

When a Participant’s Gold Award has been approved by the Award Operating Authority, both the Participant and their Award Leader are sent a confirmation email. The Gold Award badge is then mailed to the Participant’s home address.

Participants will receive an invitation to attend a Gold Award ceremony – usually within 12 months of completing their Gold Award. Participant invitations will be emailed approximately 8 weeks prior to their presentation date (up to two guests may also attend)

For example, in NSW, Gold Award Ceremonies are held at Government House several times a year where the Vice-Regal Patron of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia (NSW Division), The Governor of New South Wales presents Gold Award Participants with their certificates.

Award Leaders are also invited to attend the Ceremony and are presented to the Governor after the Award Participants have received their certificates.

Upcoming Award Ceremonies are listed below. For more information please contact your local State or Territory office 

ACT – April 2021

To view the gallery for the Gold Award Ceremony held on  9th April 2021, please click here.