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Gold Award Ceremonies

The Award Operating Authority (State/Territory offices) holds ceremonies for Participants who have achieved their Gold Award.

When a Participant’s Gold Award has been approved by the Award Operating Authority, both the Participant and their Award Leader are sent a confirmation email. A formal letter of congratulations and a Gold Award badge are then mailed to the Participant’s home address.

Participant’s will receive an invitation to attend a Gold Award ceremony – usually within 12 months of completing their Gold Award. Participant invitations will be emailed approximately 8 weeks prior to their presentation date (up to two guests may also attend)

For example, in NSW Gold Award Ceremonies are held at Government House several times a year where the Vice Regal Patron of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia (NSW Division), His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d), Governor or New South Wales presents Gold Awardees with their certificates.

Award Leaders are also invited to attend the Ceremony, and a presented to His Excellency after the Awardees have received their certificates.

Upcoming Award Ceremonies are listed below. For more information please contact your local State or Territory office 


NSW Award Ceremonies

Date:  Advised upon invitation

Time: Advised upon invitation

Location: Gold Award Presentations will be held at St Stephen’s Uniting Church, 197 Macquarie Street, Sydney (opposite NSW Parliament House), followed by a morning or afternoon tea reception at Government House, Conservatorium Road, Sydney.


Gold Award Presentation

St Stephens Uniting Church, 197 Macquarie Street, Sydney (opposite NSW Parliament House).

St Stephens Uniting Church is approximately 2 minutes walk from either Martin Place and St James Train Stations, or 10 minutes walk from Circular Quay.

The nearest Parking Stations are at Sydney Opera House, Sydney Eye Hospital, and the Domain.


Morning/Afternoon Tea Reception

Government House, Sydney, Conservatorium Road, Sydney.

Government House is a 15 minute walk from St Stephen’s Uniting Church.

There is no public parking available at Government House.



Awardees and guests are reminded that His Excellency, the Governor of NSW is the Queen's representative and they are requested to dress appropriately.

Awardees may wear their Gold Award Badge.

Ladies: Cocktail - Day dress, skirt and jacket or pants suit. School uniform or uniformed youth group apparel is acceptable. Jeans and sneakers are not acceptable.

Gentlemen: Lounge Suit - Jacket and tie or a suit and tie. School uniform or uniformed youth group apparel is acceptable. Jeans and sneakers are not acceptable.

Click here for more information on dress codes

Awardees are advised to dress appropriate to the weather conditions.

Greeting and Title:

His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret'd), Governor of NSW.

When first presented to the Governor, you should address him as "Your Excellency" and from then on, as "Sir" or "Governor". The Governor's wife should be addressed as "Mrs Hurley" at all times.

The correct protocol, for both men and women, when meeting the Governor is to make a 'court bow' (inclining the head toward the chest while standing upright).


  1. Awardees MUST arrive by their given arrival time. This information is provided in your booking information.
  2. Awardees will be directed to assemble in alphabetical order, guided to their seated positions and then given final instructions.
  3. When the Presentation commences, the MC will announce the recipient's name in alphabetical order to receive their Certificate from His Excellency the Governor.
  4. After conclusion of the formal Presentation there will be Awardee group photographs. Guests are invited to Government House for a tour of the Government House State Rooms and to then enjoy refreshments in the Colonnade area. Awardees may proceed to Government House after their group photo.

Receiving your Certificate:

  1. Approach and pause two paces in front of His Excellency.
  2. Make a "court bow" (both men and women)
  3. Step forward to shake hands and greet His Excellency appropriately eg "Good afternoon Your Excellency". Note - shaking hands is the ONLY appropriate contact with His Excellency.
  4. Receive your Gold Award Certificate with your left hand, then turn towards the official photographer.
  5. Step back and return to your seating as directed.


A professional photographer will photograph each Awardee receiving their certificate. Proofs of the photograph and an order form will be sent directly to Awardees within 10 days of the event. Guests may take photographs in the Church.  Photographs are permitted within Government House.