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Qualify now for APEC 2022 Voices of the Future


Theme: “Open, Connect, Balance”

Dates: 12 NOVEMBER TO 19 NOVEMBER 2022

Venue: Bangkok Thailand

Official Language: English

Entry Closing Date: AUGUST 26, 2022


We are looking for youth delegates who can best represent the APEC 21 Economies for the APEC Voices of the Future 2022 Program!

Since 1998, youth from APEC economies have been able to learn directly and engage with APEC government officials and business leaders. Through the APEC Voices of the Future program, the movers and shakers of tomorrow engage today’s leaders to discuss issues affecting the future of Asia-Pacific economies and the region. This is also a platform for the youth to connect with their peers across the borders and discover that while each of us may be unique, our best way forward is to work together to achieve individual and collective prosperity.

The 2022 APEC Voices of the Future Program will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. With the theme “Open. Connect. Balance”, we are looking for young people who will advance our priorities by collaborating with our peers to imagine a better society for the future.

Further background o APEC Voices of the Future can be found here.


Marianne Tabuaciri – Group Educator


Marianne has been selected as Educator of the Australian delegation to APEC 2021. She is 23 years old and lives in Suva, Fiji. Marianne has a Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomacy and International Affairs from The University of the South Pacific, and is currently pursing more studies. She an interest in working for Government in Diplomacy. Marianne completed her Silver Award when attending school in Sydney and also attended APEC -VOTF in 2020.

What do you hope to achieve and learn from participating in the APEC Voices of the Future 2021

In participating in the APEC Voices of the Future webinar, I look forward to learning from other participants opinions and their lived experiences in the COVID-19 period. I hope to add a valuable insight from my own experience as a tertiary student here in the Fiji Islands. To be the voice of the Pacific, and share what life was like. In the aftermath of COVID-19, its vital that we form discussions on how we can ensure that each country can sustain itself in the face of closed borders. How do we negotiate and implement measures to keep our countries afloat in the face of an existential threat? That's something I'm particularly interested in.

Hayley Johns - Delegate


Hayley Johns is 23 years old and lives in The Hunter Valley in NSW. She achieved her Gold Award in 2016 and is currently studying Podiatry at The University of Newcastle, where she is also a University Ambassador. Hayley continues her Award Voluntary Service activity to this day. She was recently named NSW Hunter Young Volunteer of the Year for her involvement with the National Rural Health Student Network and St Johns Ambulance at Maitland.

What do you hope to achieve and learn from participating in the APEC Voices of the Future 2021?

I'm excited about the opportunity to get involved, create positive change, as well as network and connect with other like-minded and passionate youth. I am interested to share my insights having grown up in rural NSW, Australia and completed all levels of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

I am also passionate about representing youth from my local area, networking with other like-minded youth, and actively participating in all aspects of the forum.

Maddison Beeforth - Delegate


Maddison is 24 years old and lives in Sydney NSW, where she works as a Recruiter for legal and government roles. Maddie is a Gold Duke of Edinburgh awardee, and is currently studying full time a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology Sydney.

What do you hope to achieve and learn from participating in the APEC Voices of the Future 2021?

I am someone eager to make difference and leave a positive on everyone I meet, I am keen to participate as a representative as I am compassionate and thoughtful in my approaches to scenarios while being charismatic and eager to learn. I would like to participate to learn more about those around and discuss ways in which we can actively make a difference even in these troubling times.

Ideally I would like to contribute ideas, enthusiasm and leadership, while also contributing decision making, analysis and risks involved. I love bringing people together.

Braeden Parnell - Delegate


Braeden is 20 years old living in Darwin in the NT. He currently works with Industrial bodies and International student bodies within Darwin to increase engagement and literacy access in spheres of politics, industrial literacy, and accommodation. Braeden is a Gold Awardee and is currently studying a Bachelors degree in International Security Studies as an external student through Macquarie University.

He has an interest in the notion of security, who develops it, and who it applies it, which were nurtured within youth developmental programs such as UN Youth, High Schools Debating Competitions, and Bond Mooting competitions, where he was apply to apply a younger rationality to complex and interconnected issues.

What do you hope to achieve and learn from participating in the APEC Voices of the Future 2019 in Santiago, Chile?

I am a highly motivated young person, who, instead of being swept up by global trends of apathy and disengagement, seeks to further inclusion of young people and their innovations and enterprising within the framework of our collective global progress.

What I have missed with the cutbacks in travel, was the experience to represent my part of the world as a young person, in leading and very respected forums, that create avenues to validate and integrate our ideas into meaningful action. The chance to link arms once again with young people that I've never met, to exchange ideas and experiences from the past 2 years, and seek to apply them in a real-world context is thrilling. It is exercise of our moral and intellectual capacity for good, for inclusion, for centralisation.

Keenness understates it a little bit... for any young person who strives to effect some sort of change, impact, or growth onto their community, is beyond keen, they are in a stage of organising, of recruiting their friend's, family, and cohort to their cause. APEC summit is a whetstone for minds of young people seeking to come to understand the global processes, and certainly shape them for good.

Too often do young people let initiatives which should snowball into nation wide (even international) social action fade. This is not to say we achieve nothing. But that we certainly can achieve more.

The radical nature of our crusade for social action is anointed by a political arena whose power movers are conservative, extractive, and therefore obsessed with maintaining the status quo of the international hierarchy. This narrative of revolution, whose upheaval and disorderly change we would ostensibly want to revert, forces a-lot of us to capitulate to the status quo. What I want to speak to, and hopefully inspire, is the resilience and fluidity necessary to construct the better world APEC speaks to, which involves asking people we might wrongly consider part of the problem, to involve themselves with us on a more personable level, to combat this balkanisation per se.

APEC is united in the goal of rebuilding equitably for all, and perhaps a framework for proactive change from the bottom up. All countries within the Asian-Pacific region cannot continue to stratify their relationships through archaic lenses of military, economic, and cultural superiority. Institutions such as APEC and their role have been critical and revered for their effected change on transparency and inclusivity, and now APEC has invited a new cycle of young people to further our global prosperity.

Josiah Neal - Delegate


Josiah is 20 years old and lives on the Central Coast in NSW. Josiah is a Gold Awardee and is in his 2nd year of a dual degree in Law and International Relations, whilst working in Marketing/ Administration at a Law firm. Alongside his studies and work he volunteers with PCWC assisting with Leaders.

What do you hope to achieve and learn from participating in the APEC Voices of the Future 2019 in Santiago, Chile?

In participating in the Voices of the Future webinar, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the role that APEC plays in the development and cooperation of countries within the Indo-Pacific. Specifically, I look forward to how recent events such as the United States Presidential Election will affect the interaction of APEC and APEC-adjacent nation-states as well as determine the best plan for the region to recover from COVID-19. I also hope to make connections with like-minded students with whom I share commonalities as Award Alumni, young international citizens and avid learners.


The Summit will take place in Bangkok Thailand. See a detailed schedule here.


Each affiliate of Voices of the Future in the 21 APEC economies is invited to register five participants: four youth delegates and one educator to provide support.

“The exposure gained by our young leaders from such high-level events will help them widen their international understanding and network for the future. Most importantly, it will lay a strong foundation for their development.”

– James Soh PBM MBE, Co-Chair, APEC Voices Leadership Council


Eligibility of Youth Participants

  • Between the ages of 18 and 30 years old
  • Proficient in English 
  • Interested in trade, the economy and international relations 
  • Track record in youth, community or public services 
  • Group work will need to take place prior/leading up to the event – applicants need to ensure there are no conflicts with their current exam schedule

Eligibility of Educators

  • Mature adults above 25 years old
  • Experienced in coordinating and working with young people
  • Must be prepared to lead and facilitate group activities as assigned by organisers
  • Interested and have good knowledge of trade, the economy and international relations, especially related to APEC
  • Serve as a point-person for the Participants
  • Must ensure the welfare and safety of their Participants for the duration of the program.


Registration Fee: US$995.00 per participant (for youth participants and educators). 


Participants will bear the costs of international airfare and travel insurance. The flight should be arranged from home to Bangkok, Thailand, arriving on 12 November 2022 and departing from Bangkok, Thailand on 19 November 2022 for home. Early arrival or late departure will be at the participant’s expense. 


Information about Covid-19 Vaccine requirements for Thailand and Airlines – As the applicant you are responsible for looking into this. Up to date information can be found through SMART TRAVELLER

Please take note that late entry will not be accepted.

Apply now to qualify for this once in a lifetime opportunity.





Enquiries about this event should be sent to kirsty.cleary@dukeofed.com.au