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Getting Started

1.       FIND an Award Centre

Award Centres are institutions or organisations that have been licenced to run the Award in each State or Territory.

These could be:

  • Schools/Colleges/Tertiary institutions
  • Community organisations
  • Sporting or social clubs
  • Employers
  • Government Institutions

To find out if your school or local community organisation is an Award Centre, follow the steps to register as a new participant through the Online Record Book Registration (ORB). Firstly select Asia Pacific as the International Region, and Australia as the Country. Then select your State, Territory or Institution to view the list of active Award Centres.

If there is no local Award Centre in your area, you can register through the Open Award Centre (OAC).

These are Award Centres that do not restrict access to their members/students etc.


2.       REGISTER your participation and pay the registration fee

For new Participants starting the Award, after identifying a suitable Award Centre, they must Register Online at ORB.

An Award Leader will be appointed to each Participant, who will guide and assist the Participant.

The appropriate Award consent including agreement to the Requirements and Conditions must be obtained prior to being accepted by the Award Leader .

For Participants under the age of 18, parental or guardian consent must be attained by downloading the Participant Application Form here, while Participants over the age of 18 can access the Application Form here.

Participants are also required to pay a registration fee for each Award level. This fee is identified when registering as it can vary from State to State (due to various Government subsidies) and also from Award Centre to Award Centre (eg. factoring in administration and/or adventurous journey costs).

Funding Assistance may be available – please see Funding Assistance for more information or contact your State or Territory Office


3.       DESIGN your Award program

Now it’s time to design your Award program. This is where you start planning your activities, goals and who you’re activity Assessors will be.

For information, requirements and ideas on activities you can do for each section go to Sections in Detail

You do not need to commence each activity at the beginning of your Award. It is common for Participants to identify their major activity (the one they will do for the longest duration) and start on that one first. However, Your Award Leader and Assessor must agree on the activities you have selected.

The guide you in identifying key information, download the below forms.

Download Participant Guidelines

Download the Participants Award Plan.


4.       FIND Activity Assessors

For each section of the Award, Participants and Award Leaders work together to find a suitable activity Assessors to guide each activity. The assessor needs to be a subject matter expert, with sufficient familiarity in the activity to guide and to mentor the Participants progress towards their goal. Assessors must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • More skilled, experienced or qualified in the activity than the Participant
  • Not an immediate family member
  • Able to oversee your progress
  • Willing to write a report outlining your achievement
  • Approved by your Award Leader (Award Centre) before they commence their role
  • Have a Working with Children Check that meets their resident State or Territory legislation

Roles and responsibilities of Assessors


5.       Set SMART goals

Participants, with support from their Award Leaders and Assessors, need to set a personal goal for each of their selected activities. To assist with this, Participants should create SMART goals for each component of the Award, which helps them grow and develop.

Participant goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed.

Goals should reflect the Participants interests and strengths, yet also be challenging. For a new activity the goal can simply be learning the new skill, eg: to bake a variety of cakes; learn archery; or play flamingo guitar. If it is an existing activity, the goal will need to be more specific, eg: to improve my goal shooting success rate; improve time management; or master Brahms complex violin pieces


6.       START: Check with the Award Leaders to ensure all necessary steps have been completed

  • Check with your Award Leader that your activities are compliant.
  • Make sure your Award Leader approves your Assessors before they commence their role and before you start doing the section activities. A Working with Children check may also be required, depending on the State or Territory legislation.
  • Keep your Award Leader updated.
  • You are now ready to start your activity and recording your participation


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