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The Award has operated in ACT since 1980. As a non-profit incorporated association we are proud to deliver the world’s leading youth development program, helping young people to discover their purpose, passion and place in the world and become World Ready citizens. Our organisation’s primary goal is to ensure all young people in ACT are provided the opportunity to participate in the Award regardless of their personal circumstances.



The ACT Division welcomes our new Development and Support officer Tony Cox. Tony brings to the Award over 20 years of professional experience as a Deputy Principal and Senior Executive in youth development programs, along with strong links in the education, youth development and health and wellbeing sectors with the ACT Education Directorate and the Australian Government Department of Defence. Tony’s focus in the ACT will be on providing ongoing delivery and development support to Award Centres and Leaders, developing a thriving network of Award Leaders, volunteers and supporters to enable more young people to access the Award and increasing the profile of the Award. The National Office will continue to assist with the Award in the ACT whilst Tony commences in the role. Please continue to send Award enquiries to


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There are currently no upcoming events in ACT. Please check back for updates.



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Award Fees in ACT

Bronze New Participant Fee Silver New Participant Fee Gold New Participant Fee Silver Continuing Fee Gold Continuing Fee
$        185.00  $        185.00  $        185.00  $        185.00  $        185.00



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