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Award Leaders

What is an Award Coordinator and an Award Leader?

Each Award Centre must appoint at least one Award Leader who is the contact person and mentor for Award Participants. An Award Coordinator is an Award Leader who is the main contact for the Award Centre and is responsible for running The Duke of Ed in that organisation. In large organisations, there may be other volunteers who assist in the running of the Award – these people are usually called Assistant Leaders. As an Award Coordinator or Award Leader, you play a crucial role in the success of the Award. Without you, there would be no Award.

Your role is to engage young people in the program, and encourage and inspire Participants throughout their Award journey. Typically an Award Centre will have two or more Award Leaders to spread the workload and to ensure continuity as the Award is usually completed over a 12 month period.

Duke of Ed Award Leaders and Coordinators are the frontline of the Award, playing one of the most fundamental roles – that of developing the Participants with whom they are actively involved.  Without them there simply would be no Award!

Who can be an Award Leader?

Award Leaders could be anyone from a teacher to a sporting coach to a Cadet leader!

As long as they are appointed by an Award Centre.  They play one of the biggest roles in the delivery of The Duke of Ed!

After being trained in the features and requirements of the Award, the role of an Award Leader is to guide and mentor Participants, helping to translate the Award, set achievable goals and to offer encouragement! They are the support system for Participants who offer motivation and inspiration.

You need to have a positive attitude, a great relationship with young people and meet the requirements of being an Award Leader.

Remember, it is not a sprint, but a marathon, and while many young people can complete The Duke of Ed through effort over consecutive months, others may take longer and that’s OK. Just stand by them and provide regular support

Are there certain guidelines and requirements to be an Award Leader?

Since they play such a significant part in The Duke of Ed there are some Guidelines to follow along with certain requirements and responsibilities.

For example, they must undergo a police check in the State/Territory they are operating in.

Please read our Award Leader Roles and Responsibilities and refer to our Handbook for more information.

Award Leader Roles and Responsibilities

Award Leaders are the most important and influential people to Participants, as they have regular contact and look up to them as mentors and leaders.

As such, there are responsibilities an Award Leader has to both the young people they lead and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Operating Authorities.

View Award Leader Roles and Responsibilities

Register online to become an Award Leader  

View Award Leader Resources


State Specific Forms and or Processes for Becoming an Award Leader

For more information please contact the NSW office or visit our website


For more information please contact the SOUTH AUSTRALIA office.



For more information please contact the AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY office.


For more information please contact the QUEENSLAND office.

Visit QLD's Website

Registering as a new Award Coordinator or Award Leader:

  1. Register as an Award Leader on the Online Record Book (ORB). After completing this you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address. Click on the 'Verify Email' link within this email.
  2. Your ORB registration will then be submitted to the VIC Division.
  3. VIC Division will contact your Senior Officer for approval via email.
  4. Complete Level 1 (Online training module) Award Leader training. Note: Level 1 training can be completed prior to Step 1.
  5. VIC Division will approve your registration on the ORB once the steps above have been completed. Note: In the ORB, transfer Participants from the previous Award Leader to yourself or another Award Leader at your Award Centre. The previous Award Leader can then be archived on the ORB (via the ORB Helpdesk), if appropriate. ORB support materials can be found here.
  6. Level 2 training should ideally be completed within 3 months and no later than 12 months of registration.

Changing Senior Officer details:

The Senior Officer is usually a School Principal or the most senior person in a Youth/Community organisation who holds ultimate responsibility for the running of The Duke of Ed at that Award Centre.

If your Senior Officer details change (eg if your school has a new Principal) please:

  1. Log in to the ORB and choose your 'My Organisation' section.
  2. Add the Senior Officer as a Contact
  3. Change the name of the Senior Officer in the 'Authorising Contact' section.

Instructions can be found in the ORB Award Leader Web User Guide

For more information please contact the VICTORIAN office.

For more information please contact the WESTERN AUSTRALIA office.

Go to WA's Website

For more information please contact the NT office.


For more information please contact the TASMANIAN office.

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