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Award Centres

What is an Award Centre (Licensed Operator) ?

Each Award Operating Authority licenses Award Centres to deliver The Award.  They are commonly known as AC’s and are responsible for delivering the Award to Participants.

Award Centres can be:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • Community Organisations
  • Sporting or Social Clubs
  • Companies
  • A group of interested parents who form their own association

Award Centres then appoint Award Leaders who become the main contact and the ones who guide Participants on their Duke of Ed journey.

The National Award Authority has entered into licences with National Award Centre organisations whose operations cross multiple state boundaries and where licensing on a state-by-state basis is not a viable option.The Award Centre must ensure that relevant Child Protection Legislation requirements are observed for each adult who may work with an Award Participant under the age of 18 years.

Become an Award Centre

Being an Award Centre means that you are forming a partnership with the largest international pursuit of youth development in the world!

The flexibility and sustainability of The Duke of Ed has allowed for steady growth over the 60 years that it has successfully operated internationally. It is now run in more than 130 countries and has touched the lives of more than 8 million young people.

So what are the benefits to my organisation?

  • The Duke of Ed can be used to support your organisation’s strategies and objects.
  • The Award provides tangible support in terms of experience, promotional materials, equipment, training and insurance. The choice of activities that the Participants can undertake can be defined by the Award Centre.
  • The structure often complements programs and activities schools and various groups already offer to young people and provides a way of recognising these efforts and at the same time without consuming resources.
  • The Duke of Ed offers a balanced framework to develop the important skills and qualities that our wider society believe young people should definitely have, including skill development, group participation, confidence, self-esteem, leadership, fitness, and community connection.
  • Being an Award Centre also allows you the opportunity to connect with other organisations, schools and community groups in your area and around Australia, through national events, social media sites Twitter and Facebook, and a monthly newsletter detailing the latest news and stories.
  • There are offices in every capital city in Australia, offering local support and assistance where possible, so no Award Centre is left isolated.
  • The Duke of Ed offers a volunteering framework for staff, and offers the opportunity for young people to connect with other adults within the community in a productive way
  • You will be able to connect with our international network and open up opportunities for professional development and the exchange of information
  • As an Award Centre, The Duke of Ed allows a framework to create an environment of social inclusion for your Participants. This enhances The Duke of Ed experience for your young people and impacts positively on their personal development.

And what do I get out of it personally?

Award Leaders are the adult volunteers who manage The Duke of Ed on behalf of the Award Centre.

As a volunteer, the opportunity to enhance the lives of young people is endless. If you sign up your group/organisation to become an Award Centre, you might decide to become the Award Leader

How can my organisation become an Award Centre?

To run The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in your school/organisation you will need to apply to become an Award Centre and nominate an Award Leader.

If you’d like to know how to become an Award Centre, you need to contact your Award Operating Authority – see process below or Register your interest in becoming an Award Centre by completing the Award Centre Registration (register a new account as an “Award Centre”) via the Online Record Book 

Financial Assistance

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters including the Federal Government financial assistance is available to both individual Participants and Award Centres in undertaking and running the Award. For more information on currently available financial support options visit Resources/Financial Assistance


State Specific Forms and or Processes for Becoming an Award Centre

For more information please contact the NSW office or visit our website


For more information please contact your Award Leader or the SOUTH AUSTRALIA office.



For more information please contact your Award Leader or the AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY office.


For more information please contact your Award Leader or the QUEENSLAND office.

Visit QLD's Website

Please contact us on 03 8412 9333  and we will be happy to discuss all aspects of registering for and running The Duke of Ed in your organisation.


Completing VIC Division requirements

  1. Register your interest 
  2. You will be sent an email including all information required to register as an Award Centre in VIC including your License and application form
  3. An email confirming your activation as an Award Centre will be sent after your application has been checked and activated


Attending Award Administration Training

All Award Leaders are required to attend Award Administration Training (AAT).  You should complete this training before accepting Participants to start their Award.  For AAT session dates, times and booking information please go the Award Leader Training


Running The Duke of Ed in your school/organisation

When you have completed the steps above you can begin getting The Duke of Ed up and running at your organisation.

The following is a rough guide to assist:

  1. Begin promoting The Duke of Ed in your school/organisation. Promotional ideas and resources can be found at Promotional Materials
  2. Hold a Participant information meeting
  3. Hold a Parent information evening
  4. Get your Participants to begin the registration process
  5. Ensure the intended Assessors have met relevant VIC Child Protection requirements and have also agreed to the Volunteer Code of Conduct (VCOC). This information is available in the Assessors Guide Volunteer Code of Conduct for Victoria
  6.  Monitor Participants progression through their Award
  7. Plan/approve Adventurous Journeys
  8. Sign-off Awards and submit to VIC Division for final approval
  9. Present Awardees with their Certificates and Badges (for Bronze and Silver Awards)

For more information please contact The VICTORIAN office.

For more information please contact your Award Leader or the WESTERN AUSTRALIA office.

Go to WA's Website

For more information please contact your Award Leader or the NT office.


For more information please contact your Award Leader or the TASMANIAN office.


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