Long Service Medal – Dukeofed

Long Service Medal

Long Service Medal

The National Board of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia approved in 2015 the Long Service Medal to recognise significant service to the Award in Long Service Medal

Australia. The first medal presentation was made in 2016 by The Governor General His Excellency General The Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd).

The medal is not issued as part of the Australian Honours system and therefore can only worn on the right chest of the recipient and as authourised by uniform organisation.

Long Service Medal 

The Long Service Medal is awarded after 10 years of service in a voluntary and/or a paid capacity to the Award.

Long Service Medal Clasp

A medal service clasp is awarded for each additional 10 years’ service, ie 20 years, 30 years and 40 years. For 50 years + service the 3 ribbon clasps are replaced with a single gold plated clasp.


Nomination Process

Long Service Medal Form – Word Document
Long Service Medal Form – PDF

The Duke of Edinburgh’s’ International Award in Australia would like to formally recognise those individuals who have provided ten years or more of service to the Award with a Long Service Medal. These are based on nominations and this can be done by the individual themselves or someone who would like to see another individual be recognised.
i.        The Long Service Medal is awarded after 10 years of service in a voluntary or paid capacity to the Award.
ii.        A medal service clasp (also referred to as a bar) is awarded for each additional 10 years’ service.
iii.      The recipient will receive a medal, a lapel pin and a certificate signed by the State/Territory Chair and/or the CEO of the National Award Authority.
iv.      The medal and subsequent 10 year service clasps are approved by the Division (State/Territory) Executive Officer.
v.       The issue of the medal is arranged by National Award Office.
vi.      Medals are presented at a State/Territory Award function or as arranged with the Award Unit.
vii.     The medal when worn is worn on the right chest. The lapel pin is worn on either lapel.
Note: Applications can be made by the recipient or a nominee
Once a nomination has been made, it is submitted to the National Award Authority for verification and if successful, will be presented to the recipient by the Award Operating Authorities.If successful, the nominee and nominator will be advised by email. If unsuccessful, the nominator only will be advised.

Long Service Honour Roll

In alphabetical order

State Years of Service
 Vivienne Ashcroft OAM NSW 40
 Mary Adams ACT 10
 Greg  Andrews VIC 30
The Hon  Lawrence Anthony QLD 10
 Chris  Bailey NSW 10
 Alexander  Bailey NSW 20
Gary Beasley VIC 10
Annette Bell AAFC 10
 Adrian  Berry NSW 10
 Grahame  Bertram NSW 10
 Toni Bilton NSW 10
Joanne Bower NSW 20
Frances Brodie QLD 20
 Alan Brown SA 10
 Claire  Burden NSW 10
 Maureen Burdett ACT 20
Steve Bustin VIC 10
Elizabeth Butterworth SA 10
Glen Byrne NSW 10
Anna Caldwell NSW 20
George  Catchpoole NSW 10
Kevin Collins NSW 20
Miranda Colquhoun NT 10
Roger Conron VIC 10
Brett Cooper TAS 10
Jenny Cooper TAS 10
 Steve Cooper ACT 20
 Kevin  Costa NSW 10
 Jennifer Cox ACT 10
 Tracey Craze ACT 10
 Bob  Cresswell NSW 20
 Chris Cunliffe-Jones NSW 20
 Colin Curnow SA 10
 April Currie VIC 30
 William  Cutler WA 10
 Edward  Davy NSW 20
 Martin  Dell WA 10
Justin Derksen TAS 10
 Peter Dixon NSW 10
 Clare Dorey NSW 10
Mark Dove WA 10
Tania  Etuale NSW 10
Rod  Evans WA 10
Sharon  Fairfax NSW 10
Christine Farr WA 10
Rita Fin NSW 10
Peter Finch VIC 20
 Andrew  Fuller NSW 10
Peter  Gaffney NSW 20
 Dominic Garner NSW 10
Judy Gauci WA 10
Clementina Getley NSW 10
Andrea Govan VIC 10
Jolyon  Gray NSW 10
David  Hanslow NSW 20
Phil Harrison QLD 20
Spencer Harvey NT 10
James Hassall ACT 10
Peter Hawes ACT 10
Rosemary  Henderson VIC 30
Bernard Holland NT 10
Klara Hollestelle-Watson NSW 10
Brendan Hooper NSW 10
 Greg  Horsley NSW 10
 John  Hughes NSW 10
 Craig Humbley QLD 30
 David  Jackson NSW 10
 Debra  James SA 10
 Heaton Jarrad VIC 20
 Derek Jervis QLD 10
 Tim  Kallmier NSW 10
 Peter  Kaye AM NSW 40
 Raymond Kennedy NSW 10
Graeme Kent VIC 30
Mike King TAS 10
 Shaun Knapper QLD 10
John Kouvelas VIC 20
 Thanh Thea Lam SA 10
 Kate  Lempriere   DSJ VIC 20
 David  MacCormack NSW 10
 Rob  Mahon NSW 20
 Greg  Malone NSW 10
 Kara Manga NSW 10
 Kim  Maurer NSW 10
Tony Marcus VIC 20
Daryl McClure VIC 20
Trevor McClure VIC 10
James McGregor QLD 10
Donald McKinnon NT 30
 Roger  McKinnon VIC 10
 Tiffany McLean WA 10
 Andrea  Mezger NSW 10
Noel Mifsud SA 20
Michael Moylan NSW 10
Annette Murtagh NT 10
Geoffrey Newton NSW 20
 Geoffrey  O'Hara TAS 10
 Mireille O'Keeffe QLD 10
 Robert Oliphant SA 20
 Kathryn Oliphant SA 10
 Darren Osmond QLD 10
 Rachel Parker NSW 10
 James Pereira VIC 20
 Katharine Pinkerton ACT 10
 Roslyn Pizzey VIC 10
 David Poirier NSW 10
 Andrew Pope SA 20
 Rae-Maree  Powell ACT 20
 Samantha Richards VIC 10
 Karina  Richter NSW 20
 Mark Roach NSW 10
 David Rodda ACT 10
 Skye Russell NSW 10
Nathan Sachse VIC 10
 Alex  Sarantakos NSW 10
 Greg  Serone NSW 10
 Robert Simpson WA 30
 Surinder  Singh NSW 10
 David Speirs SA 10
 Spencer Harvey NT 10
 Trevor  Standfast QLD 10
 Narelle Stone VIC 10
 Jane  Strachan NSW 10
 Rachel  Thompson NSW 10
 Brian  Trenter NSW 10
Jennifer Trewren NT 10
 Alison Underwood NSW 10
Bianca Viero NSW 20
 Tamsin Visick VIC 10
 Sue Walker NSW 10
 Lynne  Walker NSW 10
 Douglas Walker NSW 30
Rick Walker NSW 10
 David  Walsh NSW 10
 Bill  Ward NSW 10
Jim Ward NSW 40
 Wendy West QLD 10
Tim Whelan TAS 10
Christopher  Whicker NSW 10
Brooke White VIC 10
 Richard Williams QLD 10
Brett Windon NSW 20