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The Award Handbook 2018 Updated Version

Handbook 2018 coverWe are pleased to advise that an updated version of the Award Handbook is now available HERE
The previous Handbook 2015 was primarily aimed at Award Leaders in respect to running the Award program in Australia. The 2018 edition is now directed at all key stakeholders requiring a framework to the Award in Australia and is based on the 2018 International Award Foundation Handbook. It is intended to successfully guide Award Leaders to deliver the Award and Participants to undertake the required activities in order to achieve an Award in Australia. It may also be used to assist parents and volunteers in understanding the requirements of the Award.

The key changes are noted below:

  1. All sections are now numbered for easy reference e.g. 7.7 (point 5) or 9.5 (38c) and all reference to roman numerals have been removed.
  2. The following definitions have been added to make the glossary more comprehensive:
  • Assistant Award Leader
  • Award
  • Award Co-ordinator
  • Award Framework
  • Award Handbook
  • Awardee
  • Award Leader Training
  • Duke of Ed
  • Family
  • Incident
  • Licence
  • Major Section
  • Online Learning Hub
  • Practice Journey
  • Qualifying Journey
  1. New Chapter 11 “Award Outcomes and Impact” have been added as per the 2018 IAF Handbook.
  2. Age Requirements: 1.7.3 (1) Change to start age requirement. Australia is piloting a trial of a start age 13 if part of year group and (5) completion before 25th birthday outlined.
  3. 2.2.1 (A) Award Leader roles now numbered before Responsibilities heading, and two new additions – pt 4 & 5 approval levels and training.
  4. 6.15 New content re: Mobile Phones and Digital Devices.