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Success is a lot of hard work

You may recognise Nick from our new Award Journey Video:

Yes, That’s him on the front cover.



Nick’s Award Journey


“I know it sounds corny but the Duke of Ed is the ultimate personal development program” 

With three businesses, one blog and YouTube channel, live TV appearances on national media and tens of thousands made every month in affiliate marketing all while being 19 Nicholas G Muscat is without a doubt a successful person. But after having achieved that kind of success it can be very easy to make snap judgements about who he is and how he achieved it.


His Philosophy:

“Tell yourself from the start you will go all the way through, no matter what, tell yourself it will be hard, this way when it gets to that point you are prepared mentally and know what you need to do. You will fare much better this way. Once you achieve this doing anything else you wish will seem much more achievable and you will realise you can likely achieve anything you want to.”

Nicholas was not from a wealthy family.

He didn’t go to private school.

And he wasn’t an extrovert.

But what he had was a passion, a fire in him to achieve what he calls “big things”.

But the ambiguity of that and his introversion really prevented him from achieving anything great. In fact he recalls being too shy to ask for a pen from his classmates. It wasn’t that he was unpopular, he just didn’t have the right motivation, always cruising by on average marks and only ever doing the minimum work required.

So, how did this introverted 14 year old become such a successful entrepreneur?

The Duke of Ed had a huge role to play in that but the other side is Nick’s will and determination to finish no matter what challenges came his way.

And come they did, sooner than he expected.

It was during a big assembly that he first heard of the Award and all the cool things he could do for it, but since so many of his classmates were keen and it was originally made out to be somewhat competitive, he didn’t feel he was up.

To his surprise, the school accepted his application.

Unfortunately Nicks family was not well off and at the age of 14 he was supporting himself financially. This meant that money really really tight but thankfully he was able to save some money and participate in the Bronze Award.

For his physical activity, he chose running, although he initially hated it and was always stopping and starting his love for it grew and he now still goes for runs. His skill was coding and he volunteered for the rural firefighters (which he’s still apart of) and the airforce cadets.

While he was able to do Bronze Award alone financially, after that point he ended up needing assistance. So he applied for a sponsorship from Rotary and after being accepted. he was chosen to do a speech as they were so impressed with his application. He still has close ties to Rotary and participates in things like the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.

Nicholas truly believes the award was the thing that gave him the confidence to be himself. He knew that the shy guy at school wasn’t his natural personality and that being reserved didn’t feel right. Doing the award allowed him to be himself and showed him that it was OK to take risks and give things a go. It also helped him become things like SRC Chairperson, school captain, a member of the 336 AAFC drill team which later came third in the state of NSW, top various subjects such as Chemistry and ICT and become a member of various clubs, groups, and societies.

It wasn’t long before he finished both his Bronze and Silver Award and was onto his Gold.

For his Gold Award he chose the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) and Rural Fire Service (RFS) as the primary volunteering activities, running as the Physical recreation, learning to drive as the Skill, hiking the Great North Walk as the Adventurous Journey and going on a 5-day research study with scientists in South Australia of which he was one of a few selected a full sponsorship for, as well as a 5-day camp in Katoomba with AAFC for the Gold Residential Project. These activities were all things that he felt passionate about. Nicholas was able to discover how much he enjoyed helping people, running, camping, science (namely chemistry) and being productive wherever he can.

After he finished school he was offered various scholarships including a prestigious sponsorship which included a free degree as well as a guaranteed job after with a 98k salary.

“Having had completed the award I had a new level of confidence that I had not previously. This allowed me to believe in certainty I would achieve greatness. The path there, however, was not to be so clear. Initially receiving a special recognition from various sources as well as sponsorship offers for my efforts throughout High school and in extracurricular pursuits. I imagined this as the goal after my post high school years but here I stand now only 14 months out of high school with three successful businesses as well as a blog and YouTube channel. I suppose the lesson here is to believe in all the confidence you have that you will achieve your goals of greatness but don’t be afraid to allow the path to wave a little along the way.”

Completing his Gold Award was a big and important step for Nick as it helped solidify the idea that he could achieve all the big things he wanted.

Since then Nick  has:

  • been offered various scholarships
  • learnt a second language
  • been on various Government Panels
  • built multiple successful businesses including eCommerce brands
  • worked with top-level business people
  • built a successful website
  • written multiple eBooks
  • featured on national and international media including live TV appearances

This all stemmed from taking up that one opportunity to get involved which seems to have led to a lifetime more.

“We are always learning but the Award allows us to learn so many things at once in a time of our lives where we are facing some of the biggest struggles we will ever have so some mistakes are bound to be made along the way. The trick is to use these mistakes as your biggest asset and to never let them turn into wounds of regret.”

What is Nick up to today?