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Peter Rossen – Bronze Duke of Ed Award

Peter was in his final year of school at John XXIII College when it was suggested by Emma Pass, Development Officer from The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Australia WA Division that he may be interested in working towards a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.  Emma Pass recognised that Peter had the support of his parents and a very positive attitude that would flourish under the Award framework.Given that Peter has a passion for outdoor pursuits, both sporting and adventurous and that for many years he has been associated with the local Surf Lifesaving Club both as an active member and in a volunteer role it seemed like a fabulous opportunity to direct his energies within a structured framework and work towards achieving some new and challenging goals.

The Award framework allowed us to implement strategies to achieve his individually tailored goals within a supportive team of friends, family, coaches and peers.

P Rossen_rowingPeter’s activities included the following:

Skill:                                    Kayaking

Volunteering:                  Surf Club

Physical recreation:     Swimming

Adventurous journey: River–ocean inlet kayaking with overnight beach camp out


Participating every Sunday morning at his local surf club in the role of assistant age group manager for the Nippers program has already exposed Peter to the notion of doing something for others in a most natural way and resulted in recognition of his efforts by the Surf Club by way of his successful nomination for a WA Junior Volunteer Award.

The process of working in collaboration with others to plan out two expeditions highlighted the wonderful goodwill from others outside his family in participating alongside Pete and brought along with it a great joy and sense of belonging for Pete and his family as well as a sense of achievement on completion.

Regular dedication and commitment to swimming, paddling and rowing sessions by both Pete and his mentors and coaches and assessors enabled Peter to develop the all-important traits of self-determination and discipline which he is continuing to carry through into his life after school, in the workplace and community.It has been inspiring to watch Peter participate and also to see how well others can collaborate so willingly with him. He is genuinely proud of the recognition of his achievements and we are all looking forward to the next set of challenges!

Importantly the process of working toward The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has helped to establish close social networks and lifelong friendships. The opportunity to participate in challenging adventures with people outside his immediate family has allowed him to grow in self- confidence and independence and has raised his own expectations of life for himself and our expectations of life for him.