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Registered Activity Providers

A Registered Activity Provider (RAP) is an organisation or company that have demonstrated that it can readily meet the program requirements and conditions of the relevant Section(s) of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award  and complies with all the required legislation related to providing the nominated activity(s). RAPs for Adventurous Journeys can provide Supervisors and may provide Assessors. RAPs for all other Award sections can provide Assessors. Organisations included on the Register are not endorsed by the Award other than confirming that they are a legal entity; they have a working knowledge of the Award and its requirements; all their staff working with Award Participants have met Working With Children requirements; the organisation has signed a group Volunteer Code of Conduct; and they have been providing services for Award Participants for several years.

RAPs may provide activity for any one for the 5 Sections of the Award (including Residential Project for the Gold level). Typically it is the Adventurous Journey and the Residential Project that Participants may use a RAP.

It is the Award Unit  that has the final say on the suitability of an activity provider and who approves an Assessor, especially in terms of health and safety requirements and the Award can give no assurances as to the financial stability of an RAP. When booking on to an activity such as an expedition the Award Unit and in turn the Participant/parent/guardian may be responsible for evaluating the health and safety of the activity being provided as it is a private contract with the RAP.

Participants or their parent/guardian must first have the approval of their Award Unit/Award Leader before booking with an RAP.

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